Tuesday, April 30, 2013

4 Must-Watch Gwiyomi (귀요미) Videos

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Meet Hari, a K-pop singer who started the Gwiyomi song craze:

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For those who do not know, 귀요미 - pronounced as Gwiyomi or Kwiyomi, refers to a cute person. The meaning of the song is all about being cute, that's all, no big deal.

Since the release of the song last February 18, 2013, it has become an internet sensation. The "Gwiyomi Player" moves have been reenacted, revised and there are different versions of parodies that have been uploaded on Youtube. I have watched a lot of Gwiyomi videos already but these 4 videos stand out. Here are the 4 Must-Watch Gwiyomi videos:

1. Gwiyomi by Hari

This must be watched simply because this is the original Gwiyomi act. This is Hari, the original singer of Gwiyomi and the K-pop singer behind this song:

2. Gwiyomi by Gail Sophicha

Speaking of cute, don't you think Gwiyomi song is best perform by real cute person? This kid Gail Sophicha is the ultimate definition of cuteness. I think this is a perfect Gwiyomi video.

3. Gwiyomi by Yeng Constantino

This is Yeng Constantino performing Gwiyomi song for her fans. And simply because I am one of her fans, this must be watched. Sorry for the bias.

4. Gwiyomi by Macky Becky

What's supposed to be an ordinary tweetum video turned into a hilarious stint. This gay kid is wearing a wig while doing the Gwiyomi video and an unexpected event happened at the end of the video, just watch this, it's hilarious:


  1. Now I get what the word means. Yung kay Yeng, sakto but I've seen yung gwiyomi, Ginbra-style. Cute din.

  2. Yeng can also be convincing on cute roles since she's more popular with her pop rock music.

    1. I think the whole new image of Yeng is part of her metamorphosis album

  3. The last one really went viral on facebook. He was appeared in Gandang Gabi Vice because of this.

  4. wahaha, I like the last one, nahuli ni tatay biagang nasa labas sial mikay, hilarious! kakatuwa naman. Tess

  5. Hehe I prefer yeng her feelings and emotion with the song are there always..

  6. I never really understood this trend. The Macky Becky guy/girl though, that was hilarious.

  7. I am not one to follow trends in music even when it is the most popular but my hubby is the complete opposite. This song's been on his playlist for days - blasting through the house haha macky becky's version is super funny though :D

  8. Cute and funny! I hate everything mainstream but the videos caught my attention! :)

  9. I'm in the business of studying how things go viral on social, and this one has a simple formula (judging from the original): the power of cuteness. Until of course, something like the last vid happens :P

  10. Gwiyomi has become viral because of it's cuteness. And maybe because K-Pop is really one of the hottest trend in the internet.

  11. I didn't know what the word meant. Thanks for sharing the definition and the videos. It's funny that everyone wants to do their own version but of course, each person will see themselves as the ultimate in cute.

    Why not? lol
    It's fun and a cool way to interact with other people, who at heart are probably thinking the same way about songs and music. Everything doesn't have to be about something serious. Sometimes we can just have fun. Have a good day and have fun ;-)


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