Saturday, April 20, 2013

8 Unchivalrous Actions of PSY- The Meaning of PSY's latest single GENTLEMAN

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The "Oppa Gangnam Style" King is back with a bang. PSY is still on the swing of success as he return with his newest single Gentleman. Unlike Oppa Gangnam Style, Gentleman shows the rude side of PSY. In Oppa Gangnam style, PSY is trying to look cool and pleasing as per the meaning of the song, but in Gentleman, he shows the new meaning of chivalry.

The song Gentleman generally means PSY introducing himself as a "Mother Father Gentleman". It's not bad mouthing or cursing, but we all know it sounds something like that. If you are going to watch the music video, the story is not in fact related to the lyrics of the song. While the music video shows all rude and ungentlemanly manners of PSY, the lyrics of the song simply means being somebody cool with crazy personality. I guess what he is trying to emphasize it that you can just be hot, sexy, clean and cool. However complicated is your personality, you must go on and stay being who you are.

Anyways, the music video shows 8 unchivalrous actions according to PSY's definition of GENTLEMAN.

1. Maximizing the speed limit of the treadmill while a sexy lady is using it.

2. Spilling coffee over his date's dress.

3. Delaying somebody on her trip to the bathroom.

4. Ripping a fart on his hand and throwing it on a library patron's face.

5. Stealing the soccer ball from the innocent kids.

6. Pulling of the underwear of a sexy lady.

7. Pulling chairs out from underneath woman.

8. Throwing off his jacket to the gym girl.

Watch the music video here:

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  1. A lot of people I know don't get this video at all. But those who know PSY's style would understand that this video is a parody of people we deem as "Gentleman".


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