Thursday, November 14, 2013

7 Ways an Expatriate in South Korea Can Help Super Typhoon Yolanda Victims in the Philippines

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It's all in the news channel of every country in the world. The super typhoon Yolanda has recently made history as the most devastating and the strongest typhoon in the world. And the most unlucky target of the typhoon, my beloved country- The Philippines.

Death toll rises to thousands and you can see dead bodies lying everywhere in the devastated area. Electricity has been cut off, communication signals have been shut down and the whole area looks like a ghost town similar to that of the scenes you can see in the TV series The Walking Dead. The aftermath of Yolanda is very depressing and has the most morbid view you could ever imagine.

Photo credit to GMA Network

As a Filipino, my heart aches everytime I see my kababayan pleading for help on TV. We who are not affected and living our lives in a regular basis must reach out to them. They need us more than ever. So even here in abroad, there are a lot of ways we can send help to the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Feel free to check the information below on where you can drop off your donations, both in cash and in kinds.

1. Korea Migrants Center

Get in touch with Ms. Katherine Corteza of Korea Migrant Center if you want to donate non-perishable in kinds like canned goods, blankets, tarpaulin, shampoo, soap, etc. Check the direction below on how you can find the office of Korea Migrants Center:

2. Pinoy Iskolar Sa Korea (PIKO)

Another way to donate is through this organization called Pinoy Iskolar sa Korea (PIKO).

List of Recommended Relief Items:

1. Ready to eat food (Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Canned Goods) 
**As for noodles, there might not be enough water there, so please avoid it
**Avoid spicy canned goods
**High Energy Bars/Biscuits are most helpful. Easy and ready to eat!

2. Flashlights and batteries / battery-operated lamps 
**No electricity still until the next coming weeks

PIKO will also be having relief collection this coming Sunday, November, 16, 2013 at Hyehwa in Seoul. All cash and in kind donations will be directly handled to the Red Cross. 

3. Philippine Engineers Association in Korea (PEAK)


"The Philippine Engineers Association in Korea is accepting cash donation for the typhoon Yolanda victims.  It is feared that at least 10,000 people dead.
Any amount from KRW 10,000 or below will do.
Please send to Korea Exchange Bank account: 620-202630-141
Account Name: Marcial Barroga, EVP External Affairs
For in-kind  donation (goods or used clothes), please bring it to Miseong Apartment exit 6, Line 5 (see map below)."

4. LBC Hyehwa-dong
If you don't have enough time to really meet with the organizations I mentioned above, you can just send your donations directly to victims via LBC located at Hyehwa-dong. 

LBC Balikbayan Box Address:
1F 101,102-1, Hyehwa-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul City, South Korea
Contact #: 1661-5899

5. Philippine Store at Sokye

If you are in the Southern part of South Korea, i.e Gyeongju-Ipsil, Mohwa, ec., the nearest drop off point for your donations is at the Philippine store at Sokye. You can call Ms. Ann at 010-3307-332 for more information regarding this relief collection drive.

6. Church communities

If you are a member of church community, try to get in touch with your ministry leader and ask how you can help for the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Or find a church community nearest to you and be part of their campaign drive in collecting donations for our kababayans.

7. Project Sagip Kapwa for Small Farming Villages in Tanauan Leyte

Let us help bring immediate relief to small farming villages in Leyte affected by Typhoon Haiyan - Barangay Bangon, Binolo, Bantagan, Kiling & Calsadahay.

Like the Facebook page here.

However cliche it may sounds, mas mabuti na ikaw ang tumulong kaysa ikaw ang tutulungan. Let's be part in helping the victims rise from this traumatic experience. This could not be done overnight, but with the help of our resources that we can share to them, gradually, they can be able to stand up once again.


  1. Thank you S. Korea for helping the filipino people in the Philippines. We will never forget this act of kindness of yours. May God you S. Korea!! Long Live!

    1. Basta para sa kababayan at para sa bayan, OFWs will unite


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