Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Complete List of Winners for the SBS Entertainment Awards

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The year 2013 has been one of the successful years for SBS. To acknowledge the best of the bests that happened in the entertainment industry this year, SBS presents the following winners for the 2013 SBS Entertainment Awards:

Daesang: Kim Byung Man

Best Excellence Award: Lee Kyung Kyu, Song Ji Hyo

Best Excellence Program Award: Running Man

Excellence Program Award: K-Pop Star, Healing Camp

Producer MC Award: Kang Ho Dong

Popularity Award: Kim Sung Soo

Excellence Award: Sung Yuri, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa

Announcer Award: Kim Min Ji

Friendship AwardLee Kwang Soo, Ryu Dam

Rookie Award (Comedy Category): Kim Jung Hwan

Rookie Award (MC Category): Girls' Generation Sooyoung 

Rookie Award (Variety): Ham Ik Byung

Congratulation to the winners. See you at 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards.

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