Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo Visit Korea

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The hottest love team in the Philippines today is here in South Korea. Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo also known as the KathNiel tandem has this photo circulating on the internet wearing Hanbok, the national costume of Korea.

Photo credit to Instagrammer @johnvalle20

 A certain @johnvalle20 on Instagram posted this photo tagging @bernardokath, the official instagram account of Kathryn Bernardo. Not a single tourist would leave Korea without wearing Hanbok for picture taking. This photo alone is a very strong evidence that they are indeed here in South Korea.

The said Instagrammer also posted several photos of Kathryn Bernardo enjoying spring time in Korea.

Photo credit to Instagrammer @johnvalle20

And yes, they went to Namsan. This is a famous place for tourist lovers because this is where you lock the promise of love with each others. To know more about Namsan, you can check out my post HERE. It seems like the on and off screen lover locked their promise of love at the attic of Namsan Tower.

Photo credit to Instagrammer @johnvalle20

The question now is, what are they doing here in South Korea? I can only see two reasons here, first is just for a simple vacation or they might be shooting some scenes for their upcoming movie "She's Dating a Gangster".

Whatever the reason is, I hope they will enjoy their stay here in South Korea. I am not a fan of KathNiel but bumping on them at any random street here in Korea is not bad at all.

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