Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hangover by Psy Featuring Snoop Dogg Viral Music Video

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Watch the music video of this new single by Psy entitled Hangover featuring Snoop Dogg.

Hangover is Psy's another attempt to prove that he is not just a one trick pony after the worldwide success of Oppa Gangnam Style. People in social media networking especially in Youtube have waited for the music video after it had been initially presented at the Jimmy Kimmel show. So far, the music video caught the attention of many viewers. After 11 hours on Youtube, it garnered almost 3.5 Million views.

The setting of the music video is in Korea but the song is actually more of a Snoop Dogg style rather than Psy, albeit Psy is the main singer of the song. Let's see if this will dominate the mainstream of the music industry. Anyhow, good job Psy!

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