Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Busan Shattered By Heavy Rain and Flash Flood

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A bus floating in a flash flood in Busan

Strong current of flood water on major streets, floating buses and cars, people on panic mode and the smell of fears and worries. These what you can see after the heavy rainfall at Busan, Changwon and the neighboring places in the southern part of Korea. With a rainfall of 130 mm in Busan and 100 mm in Changwon, it resulted to a flashflood which killed at least 53 people and leave Busan in a devastating condition.

The rainfall was so heavy that Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) decided to shut down the Gori-2 nuclear power plant to prevent the possible nuclear leak. According to KHNP, they decided to manually halt the operation of the nuclear reactor for the safety of electrical equipment.

Meanwhile, some of the major stops in the Busan subway station had been closed to prevent possible accident. Normal services has been resumed after the heavy rainfall.

Some citizens were able to capture videos and photos that show the incredible haywire brought by this calamity. Here are some of the videos posted on Youtube. I guess this will speak enough of how devastating this is for Busan, Changwon and the rest of affected areas.

A bus caught in the video floating in the flash flood:

A video showing how strong the water current:

The aftermath of heavy rain;

Flood surges into the underground parking lot:

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