Friday, August 29, 2014

Philippine Singing Group MICA Impresses Judges of Superstar K6

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Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira also know as MICA on Superstar K6

Korea's number 1 singing reality show Superstar K6 has opened an opportunity to a lot of aspiring singers around the globe on its 6th season on television including the Philippines. One of those who made it to the audition is a girl group from the Philippines called MICA.

MICA stands for the first letter of the name of each member of this group which are Mylene, Irene. Celina and Almira. A self proclaimed K-pop and Korean drama fanatics, the four siblings were so happy for making it to Superstar K6 and compete with other first class talents.

The singing group has once proven their talent in terms of singing when they won a grand prize in the noontime show "It's Showtime" in 2012. They were formerly known as The Gollayan Sisters. The group also made it to the 17th Annual World Championships of Performaing Arts (WCOPA) and bagged home the title of Senior Grand Champion Vocal Group of the World in the US.

Now, MICA shines even better after they impressed the judges of Superstar K6. One of the judges, Ailee, was delighted when she found out that the group idolizes her and she likes their own rendition of her song. This is the video of the first encounter of MICA with the meticulous judges of Superstar K6.

After making it to round 2, MICA performs "Let it go", a soundtrack from the movie "Frozen". Watch how the group nailed the performance.

With this talent, I am sure they will make it to the Grand Finals.

Pinoy Pride it is.

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