Thursday, March 5, 2015

Video of the Attack to the US Ambassador to South Korea

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Photo credit to Reuters

The US Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippet was having a breakfast conference at Sejong Art Centre in Seoul when a man attacked him with a knife while shouting anti-war slogan. The US ambassador was preparing a lecture about peace between the North Korea and South Korea when the attack happened.

Police officers immediately arrested the suspect and later on identified as Kim Ki-Jong, a 55 year old man who apparently is the head of a group that advocates peace and reconciliation between the divided Peninsula. Apparently, the group is against the South Korea-US military exercise as this appears to be a drill for war.

According to the US embassy, the ambassador is now in stable condition after a surgery on the face where the attacker slashed him with a knife.

This is the actual video of the incident posted by Video Mug:


  1. I'm wondering what disgusting things people do following their blown ideology. I hope the ambassador will be right.


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