Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How OFWs in South Korea Reacted To BOC’s Balikbayan Box Inspection Issue

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Finally, the Philippine Bureau of Custom will no longer do random inspection of the Balikbayan box. Thanks to President Aquino for stopping this stupidity. Filipinos all over the world were in rage after they heard that BOC will open Balikbayan boxes for inspection. I guess the Social Media helped us voiced out our opinions regarding this matter.

What will you exactly feel if somebody you don’t know opens your sacred balikbayan box?

I do understand if you will react violently to that idea because as an OFW, I understand the sentiment being put in a mere balikbayan box. For us, it’s not just a box, it contains our gifts to our loved ones. Every item in that box counts because we worked hard just to buy it, not to mention the emotions involved that lead us to decide to buy it and specifically assign a worthy receiver of the gift. I can’t blame you if you will curse at Secretary Alberto Lina and the rest of Bureau of Customs gang for pushing the idea of randomly opening a balikbayan box.

But what is it for?

According to Secretary Lina, the reason why they have to inspect a balikbayan box is because they want to prevent smuggling and entering of illegal weapons in the country. The BOC is so brilliant to think that some people will take advantage over balikbayan box by inserting some smuggled goods and weapons, that is why they must inspect some suspicious and random box to make sure that no smuggled items can enter Philippines. Really now? So how about those smuggled luxury cars that enter the country under the noses of inspectors? If there are smuggled items in balikbayan box, that’s nothing compared to the large containers that freely enter Philippines. This genius plan of BOC is a big insult to us OFWs, that is why I understand if an OFW will react violently to this. Poor OFWs because the only way they can air out their sentiments is through Facebook.

Just like other OFWs in the world, we here in South Korea are against this inspection. Not that we are being judgmental, but yeah, we don’t trust the customs. The OFWs here in South Korea have their own way to show their rage over this idea on Facebook. Here, let’s take a look on how creative OFWs in Korea in expressing their thoughts over this issue.

Let’s start with some “real talk”. I guess we need to inspect what’s inside BOC’s mind too:

Here’s a “hugot” open letter to BOC. They must read this!!!

Some brought out the inner poetic in them just to express their thoughts.

And to really emphasize it, some put their curses into writing in a CAPS LOCK and made it even a cover photo…. PARA INTENSE!

But of course, some still wants to stay on a high road. Smooth and simple words may touch the heart of BOC… if they have any… booo

Some tried hard to hit BOC:

Or maybe target their conscience, again…. If they have that too.

If all else fails, a video like this would do!!! (Warning: obscene languages in the video)

South Korea against BOC. Cameraman: yours truly
Posted by Nalord Sumaya on Sunday, 23 August 2015

And finally, this!!!BEAST MODE

Ofw South Korea: BEAST MODE!F*** Y** B.O.C
Posted by Natning Bansil on Sunday, 23 August 2015

Thankfully, our government listened to these small voices, oh well, election is coming!!! We must vote for somebody who looks at OFWs as Filipino heroes and not smugglers.

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