Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Truth Behind Old Nasty Tweets of Miss Universe 2015 for Siwon

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Photo Credit to Ms Universe Pageant Hotspot

After the controversial coronation night, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, a proud representative of the Philippines, on her first day reign as the queen, is now facing another controversy, it’s a thing she maybe did in the past that’s haunting her at present, now that she’s wearing the weight of the crown.

Apparently, Pia is a huge fan of Kpop. She’s a fan of Korean boy group Super Junior especially Siwon. After winning the crown in Ms Universe 2015, her old tweets about her obsession over Siwon of Super Junior back in 2009 resurfaced online. I read some of her tweets as posted at asianjunkie website.

While I believe that these messages are simply an admiration of a fan, some of the tweets posted are actually foul. This particular post of her was highlighted. In the article posted in asianjunkie, this is their translation:

But literally, the actual translation of that tweet is this:

“Siwon Choi’s duck egg is yummy. It’s one of a kind. Especially the meat part and the juice. Motherf*cker. You are so yummy Siwon”

As you can see, the real translation is way different from their translation. That's too much.

As a Filipino, I have to defend our queen. I can’t see anything wrong with the other tweets but this one, I can’t believe she tweeted that. I contacted the person she tweeted on that post and according to her, Pia is indeed a huge fan of Siwon but these tweets did not come from her.

In year 2009, her phone was actually stolen and the person who stole the phone got access to her Twitter account. When that person found out that Pia is a fan of Siwon, the person posted a series of Kpop fandom themed tweets, so it appears as if she’s the one tweeting those nasty tweets. She was not able to get her Twitter account back immediately that time and she was not able to delete those tweets too.

Hopefully, this will clear the issue. She seems like a fine lady and it’s not in her personality to say those words especially in a tweet. Now, let’s move on and hail the Queen.


  1. I know about the Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and I am also interesting to know more about her. The twitter conversation is enjoyable and it is a way to know about the Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Pia Alonzo education background also good as well as Pia Alonzo interesting for the Korean boy group Super Junior and Siwon is the highlighted personality on this group and it is a good known about the Pia Alonzo. Now she is passing busy time for her career and really a successful personality as a miss universe 2015.

  2. She would NEVER be happy married to a korean man.... so selfish, rude, and power-hungry. Korean men are so often playboys and very strange. I know this.

  3. LOL yeah right, her phone conveniently got stolen. You have to be an idiot to buy in that bull crap. So much so for the think before you click persona. Philipinos are the most hypocritical people of all pageantry fans: double standard and unattractive.

  4. It's FILIPINOs not Philipino. whoever you are anonymous poster you are obviously another douchebag wandering over the internet. get your facts straight first before posting nasty comments about Filipinos. lol


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