Thursday, May 19, 2016

Possible Casts of the Philippine Remake of Koreanovela “My Love From The Star” (별에서 온 그대)

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Top rating Korean Drama “My Love From The Star” captured the heart of the Filipino viewers. They like it so much that a TV network in the Philippines, GMA-7,  decided to make a Filipino adaptation of the said TV series.

The question now is, who will play the lead roles Cheon Song-yi (originally played by Jun Ji Hyun) and Do Min-joon (originally played by Kim Soo Hyun). In the Philippine TV, the names of the lead characters were changed into Matteo Do and Steffi Cheon.

Rumor has it that Alden Richards will play the role of Matteo Do. The name of a Korean guy who rose to fame after winning Eat Bulaga’s My Foreignoy segment, Richard Hwan, also surfaced to get the coveted role since he has striking similarity to Kim Soo Hyun, but it looks like Alden Richards is still the best choice for this role.

For the role of Steffi Cheon, several names have been mentioned. If there’s Alden Richards, of course, there’s Yaya Dub or better known as Maine Mendoza. AlDUb Fans even petitioned to pair Alden with Maine in this TV series. Marian Rivera is also one of the names mentioned for this role. However, GMA 7 is still offering this to Jennylyn Mercardo as she is the primary choice for this role. The actress is still yet to confirm this but AlDub fans may not like this idea.

Let’s just wait for further news with regards to the development of the casting. I am sure fans are so excited to see a Filipino version of this well loved K-drama.

별에서 온 그대 (byeoleseo un geudae) literally means “You who came from the star“ has an English Title “My Love From The Star” is a 2014 Korean TV series . The story is all about an alien (Matteo Do) in human form who landed on Earth during the Joseon Dynasty. He eventually falls in Love with a famous celebrity (Steffie Cheon) in the modern times.

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  1. No matter what aldub nation may say,jennylyn mercado is still the best choice for the role of cheon songyi. She is the country's romcom queen.she's the only one who can slay the role. Maine has a lot of potential but she still has to improve her acting skills,aside from that, she doesn't fit the role.cheon songyi is described as a goddess like beauty.i would love to see maine in an original story along with alden not in a remake cause she will just suffer from comparison with the original cast.Marian is ok but she doesnt have a chemistry with alden aside from the fact that she no match to jennylyn's natural comedic a fan of the original MLTFS and it would be heartbreaking to miscast the will just ruin the if its not alden and jen, they better not remake it.


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