Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What is Korean Actor Kim Woo Bin Doing in the Philippines?

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Korean Actor Kim Woo Bin is in Metro Manila today. Several fans spotted him at Greenbelt, Makati City. Some of them were able to take a photo of him when he was in the area.

Twitter user @EverydayJheny posted a photo of Kim Woo Bin at Greenbelt wearing a black shirt and black jeans.

@HeinekaLim on Twitter also posted a video of him while walking.

Kim Woo Bin is best known for his character at the Korean TV Drama Series "The Heirs".

As for the reason or reasons why he’s in the Philippines, it is yet not clear. Some said he is in the Philippines for a movie project. He will be taping at several locations in the Philippines including Bulacan, Binondo, Cebu and Intramuros.

But it is also possible that he’s just there for a vacation.

Whatever he is doingt here, Welcome to the Philippines Kim Woo-Bin. Filipino fans will definitely enjoy every moment that you’re there. At least they’re breathing the same air with you.

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