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15 Signs na Nilamon Ka Na ng Sistema ng Kdrama

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For me, if there are three best things that Korea contributed to the world, I think they are Samsung, Kpop and Kdrama. It’s good enough that despite the language barrier, their music and TV series were able to penetrate to Western audiences, other Asian countries and the whole world. That is why they have this thing called Hallyu Wave because they have markets in the global field especially the Korean TV series.

The Kdrama, as what people call it, have been well accepted by the viewers especially in the Philippines. I can’t count how many Korean dramas have been translated into Filipino and landed into Philippine TV networks. As much as we hate to think that they are better than our own locally produced TV shows, we can’t deny the fact that Filipinos are going gaga over Kdramas and we can’t blame them for that. In fact, Filipinos are so into it that ultimate fanboys and fangirls dream to go and live in South Korea.

So how to know if a fan already went overboard admiring Korean Dramas? Here’s a list of signs na nilamon ka na ng sistema ng Kdrama.

      1.       You’ve acquired those bulging eyebags not because of your thesis or assignment, nag binge watching ka lang ng Goblin all night long. Huwag ako besh, wag ako! LOL

2.       You have ultimate collections of Kdramas merchandises that you can make a bed out of it. Pillows, posters, photos and more photos, name it, and you have them. Malay mo, yong picture ni Song joongki that you treasured so much, nabubuhay pag gabi. Baka lang naman.

Kdrama collections of Grace Kim

Kdrama collections of a fan Anny Martinez

      3.       Pupunta ka ng Korea hindi para puntahan ang mga tourist attractions, balak mo lang talagang puntahan yong mga Filming locations. 

Kdrama fanatic Keith Gueib at Buk Chicken, shooting Location of Weightlifting fairy

     4.       And when you’ve found one of the many filming locations, you reenact the scenes. Todo screenshots ka ng mga gagayahing eksena, and you make sure na gayang gaya pati anggulo.

     5.       Mas malala, nagpunta ka ng Korea para manood ng shooting ng favorite Koreanovela mo!

A post shared by Shirgie Scf (@malditongserjz) on


     6.       Nagpa bangs ka dahil may bangs si Song Hye Ko, Park ShinHye, at kung sino sino pang bidang artista sa pinapanood mong drama.

    7.       Everytime you see a poster, standfie, billboard or anything related to kdrama, hindi pwedeng hindi ka magpapapicture, with matching tili pa.

photo credit: Anny Martinez

     8.       Your playlist contains all the OST of your beloved drama series. Naiintindihan mo naman ba?

     9.       Yong mga plush toys na ginamit sa show, lahat yon, meron ka din.

Photo credit Grace Kim

    10. Pag may fans meet and greet or any gatherings ng mga Korean actors and actresses, present ka!

Kdrama fan Keith Guieb showing his ticket to Park Bogum fan meeting

Kdrama fan Keith Guieb at Baeksang Awards 2016

 11.   When you finished watching the whole series, you feel like you don’t know what to do next in your life.

At the shooting locatuon of Boys Over Flowers

     12.   Pag tinanong ka ng “Para Kanino ka Bumabangon?” , Ang Sagot mo: KDrama Beshie, Kdrama.

     13.   When your body said SLEEP NOW, your mind says “One More episode please, last na lang, promise”

      14.   You study Korean Language just so you can understand what you are watching without SUB.

      15. Words like OMO, AIGO, PALI-PALI, and more are now part of your expressions. Aigoyaaa...Aishh

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