Iloilo’s Head Turners


After my first day stay here in Iloilo and after a whole day tour in the city with some of my colleagues, I can’t get the cute, funny and interesting things I’ve observed in this city out of my mind. So before I sleep in the bosom of this City, I want to list Iloilo’s head turners. It’s my first time to visit this place and it’s easy for me to spot some elements that make Iloilo City unique from other Philippine cities.
If you will happen to visit this place in the future, notice these head turners and you will surely not forget this city.

1. The big welcome banner at the airport

When we landed in Iloilo, I didn’t feel like I was in other place until I saw this big signboard which says “Welcome to Iloilo”.  I saw how people went crazy posing in front of the signboard for photographs. 

2. The SM City Iloilo

True that SM City can be found anywhere in the Philippines especially key cities like Iloilo, but SM City Iloilo is a certified head turner because it looks like three times bigger than SM Davao or any other SM City building from different cities. I don’t know if it’s just me, but for me, SM City Iloilo is a giant.

3. The Ancient Buildings

If you are going to take a tour in the downtown area of Iloilo City, most of the buildings look ancient. This for me is an attention grabber. I can’t help but fix my eyes on these old buildings because I know that these buildings are silent witnesses of Iloilo’s history.

Some commercial establishments like this was  designed and intentionally patterned from ancient models to reenact the feel and the aura.

4. The Carabaos

Yes, carabaos in the city. One second you see tall buildings and cars and malls and what not, then next second you’ll see carabaos sun bathing in the middle of the city. A real head turner.

5. The modern buildings

But of course, Iloilo as one of the progressive cities also join the bandwagon of modern building designs and architecture. Aside from the ancient buildings, Iloilo has also modern buildings that can be leveled with other progressive countries.

          I also like Iloilo’s sophisticated building structure for their resto bars and beer houses.

       6. The Night lights
  Say what? Not Night life, but night lights.
Call it shallow source of happiness, but there is something special about Iloilo’s night light.

     7. The Ilonggos

The people of Iloilo arecalled Ilonggo. Their priceless smile is what make them qualify as one of Iloilo’s head turners. Again, I declare I love ilonggos, not because I am an Ilonggo, but because they are so friendly, accomodating and kind. Talk to them and you will know what I mean.

Come and visit Iloilo and prepare for a never ending head turning moment.