5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lotte World Tower And Mall (롯데월드타워&롯데월드몰)

 Lotte World Tower And Mall (롯데월드타워&롯데월드몰)

I am not a shopaholic type of person, but I sure do like window shopping and exploring malls. In Korea, non shoppers can be easily left behind because everywhere you go, especially in downtown Seoul, you will always find reasons to shop. You can find everything here from local to high end brands. There are varieties of shopping areas and malls to choose based on your budget and personality.

Stores inside the Lotte World Mall

I lost count of how many shopping places I’ve visited in South Korea. In Seoul alone, I’ve been to some famous markets like Namdaemun, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun and several malls like the biggest mall in Korea which is COEX in Gangnam, Shinsegae in Myeongdong and Lotte Factory Outlet in Gasan Digital Complex. However, only one mall stands out for me. Personally, I think this mall is the grandest (not necessarily the biggest) of all, and in case you missed it in the title, I am actually referring to the Lotte World Tower and Mall. Whether your purpose is to go shopping, or window shopping, or just to relax, here are my 5 reasons why you should visit this place.

1. All in One Mall

Every giant mall has only one promise, that you can find everything you want, you need and you like in the mall. But more than that promise, Lotte World Mall delivers it all! When I say ALL, I meant a shopping mall that features different clothing brands from cheap to expensive, different brands of shoes, bags, watches, and whatnot. You just have to choose which one you can afford or suit your taste. There’s also a floor which features Avenuel, a complex of luxury department stores with a variety of domestic and foreign brands. There’s more! There’s cinema, lotte mart, aquarium and……… a concert hall! There are also variety of restaurants that offer not only Korean food but other types of food all around the world.

Shopping: check
Entertainment facilities: check
Restaurants: check

When I visited the places, there’s a museum that features NBA Legends. I don’t know if the theme is changing, but the fact that there’s a museum with free entrance, it is something to check out.

A museum inside the mall featuring the NBA Legends

There’s also a Star Avenue where you can take photos with the replicas of your Kpop idols. The entrance is also free.

A photo opp with the replica of Kim Soo Hyun

I don’t know about you, but for me, this mall has everything!

2. Lotte World Tower is the Tallest Building in South Korea

The Lotte World Tower

But wait….there’s more. Aside from it being a mall, it also has a tower which has been recently opened for the public. With its total of 123 floors and a height of 556 meters, it now holds the record as the tallest building in South Korea and fifth in the world. The Lotte World Tower has galleries in it, cafes and a luxury hotel. At the top of the tower, there’s a skywalk and an observation deck where you can see the breathtaking view of the city of Seoul.

3. Lotte World Theme Park

If you’re not in the mood to shop or do anything at the mall, you can head on to its theme park called Lotte World. Wait, what? A theme park inside the mall? Yes, you read it right. It’s an indoor theme park and currently holding the Guinness World Record as the biggest Indoor theme park. It also has an amusement park outdoor, and an artificial island inside a lake.

4. Awesome Interior

For window shoppers like me who usually go to malls just to observe, at Lotte World Mall, you can do more than observing because the interior of the mall parallels to that of a museum. Every lobby has something you can check out. A piece of art, some product placements, paintings and anything pleasing to the eye.

One of the artsy lobbies of the mall

The interior design is very artistic, relaxing and attractive. Ok fine, I suck at describing, I can’t even get the right adjective, but let this photo do the talking.

The Golden stair

5. Very Accessible

How accessible? You can easily find it because it is located right at the Exit 1, 2, 10 and 11 of Jamsil Station, Seoul Subway Line 2. The exact address is this:

300, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
서울시 송파구 올림픽로 300

Next time you’re in Seoul and you want to go shopping, or window shopping, or city viewing, or going to a theme park, I think you should consider the Lotte World Tower and Mall.