A Newborn Baby Named COVID BRYANT

Amidst the disaster that is COVID19 and the untimely death of a basketball star Kobe Bryant, a Filipina mom named her baby boy COVID BRYANT. While others may find this witty and funny, some netizens agreed that it will bring a lifetime suffering to the boy carrying an unwanted name.

The Filipina mom who named her baby boy COVID BRYANT is actually a house maid and she delivered a baby on March 15, 2020, the first day of quarantine in Metro Manila. If you still can't get it, the name is a combination of the pandemic virus and to remember the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, two of the most tragic events in the first quarter of 2020.

You may find it funny, or not, but the Filipina mom has just summarized 2020 through the name of her baby boy. Do you think it's appropriate to name an innocent baby with this?