My Defi Pet: What's the Best Plant to Buy?


Planting is one of the most important activities in playing My Defi Pet. In order for your pets to level up, you must feed them with food that can only be obtained from harvesting what you have planted.

In the My Defi Pet, there are 6 types of plants available and they are the following:







With the above list of plants, I guess the common questions of most players are:

1.What difference would it do to the pets if fed with harvested food from a certain plant?

2.Why the prices vary from each other?

3.What kind of plant is best to buy?

So, let’s try to answer these questions one by one.

1. What difference would it do to the pets if fed with harvested food from a certain plant?

Answer: NOTHING! Regardless of whether you planted corn, wheat, potato or anything from the selection, the harvested product will always be converted into FOOD that you can then feed to your pets. Any food harvested from any plants will just increase the pet’s level. It won’t increase any data on the pet’s stats.

2. Why do the prices vary from each other?

The prices vary because each plant has designated schedule of harvest, number of experience and number of food. To summarize, the table below shows data on what you can get out of each plants.

Judging from the table above, the cheapest plant would give more value to your silver coins when it comes to harvest and experience. However, if you want to buy more time harvesting your plants, then you go for expensive plants. This will now lead us to the third question.

3. What's the best plant to buy?

The best plant to buy in My Defi Pet depends on what kind of a person you are. Are you a busy person? Do you play this full time? Do you have job? This is now where personalization comes in.

For people who have plenty of time to play My Defi Pet, like those who can manage to check on it every minute and can fully focus on the game for the whole day, then the best plants to buy are the Corn and Wheat. 

For those who are busy and can commit to check like 30 minutes or every after hour, then Potato and Carrot are the best plant to buy.

But if you can check only once or twice a day and can’t commit more time on playing My Defi Pet, then go for Carrot and Strawberry.

So identify yourself where you belong so you can decide which plant to maximize your harvest.