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5 Things an E-9 VISA (EPS worker) Must Bring in the Training Center

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So you have acquired an E-9 Visa and you are now ready to go to South Korea for work. You have paid your plane ticket, signed your contract, paid your OWWA membership fee, attended a 6 days training at POEA and you have all your documents compiled in one envelope. All your bags are packed and you are now ready to go. Excited much? Nervous? Happy? Sad? Yeah, it's a mix feeling. I can relate to that as I have experienced that before.

But wait, you may need to double check your baggage if you have missed something. You may have packed everything you need in preparation for your tenure in your respective company, but have you brought something for your 3-day stay at the training center? When you arrive here in South Korea, you will not go directly to your respective companies, you will stay in the training center for 3 days for more orientation, information and briefing. In fact, staying in the training center is the first challenge you will face here in South Korea.

This is one of the training centers for E-9 Visa. 

Like us, you too will undergo 3 days training here. During these days, you will start to adjust yourself to new environment and you will feel homesick. To avoid more hassle, I have noted the 5 items below that you must bring to at least reduce your burden during this adjustment period. This may not make sense for now, but believe me, you will see how important these items are when you are in the training center. You can find these handy when need arises.

1. Notebook and Pen

Yes, you read it right. You will undergo series of briefings and seminars during the 3 days. Although I don't think it is really important to take down notes, some speakers require it. It could be because they can get your full attention when you are taking down notes. I remember how I pretended that I am taking down notes so as not to be reprimanded. Our instructor was randomly checking us and whoever found to have no notebook, he put them into an awkward situation. So for formality purposes, bring notebook and pen to avoid trouble with your  선생님.

2. Bottled water or tumbler

Call it OC but a bottled water or a tumbler or a  bottle of the water is very important in the training center. Why? Because they don't provide cups or glass. Yes, there are a lot of water dispensers in the center, but if you have no container, you couldn't drink. There are paper cups available but they don't supply that often. When we were in the kitchen, we lined up and took turn to drink at the drinking fountain. Imagine sipping water directly from the faucet whilst somebody already did it ahead of you. If you have a bottle of water or a tumbler, you can just easily get water from the dispenser and drink with gusto.

3. Biscuits

Remember Korean food is way different from your food in your home country. You may not be able to eat the food well as you are still adjusting. Dinner at the training center is as early as 6 pm. An early dinner may make you hungry at midnight and you can have your biscuits for the rescue.

4. Mobile phone with roaming sim

The first thing you must do when you arrive here is to inform your family that you have landed safely, and you can only do that if you have a mobile phone. I can still remember how my colleagues asked favor from me to send message to their family. A smart phone is also recommended so you can connect to Facebook and communicate with your love ones. In the training center, there are installed pay phones, but you have to wait for your turn to call and the calling card costs 13,000 won. It is very inconvenient whilst you can easily text or send message through Facebook if you have Mobile phone. 

5. Male plug

For your mobile devices and other gadgets, you must bring a male plug. You can buy this in Hardware stores and it is not expensive.

You can actually survive without the 5 items I mentioned above, but as per experience is concerned, life could be easier in the training center if you can bring them. It wouldn't take as much space in your baggae anyway.


  1. So glad to have found this blog. Most blogs by Filipinos I read are from Filipino spouses of Koreans. Yours is from a different perspective and this post is very relevant. Can i repost this in my blog with credits and link to this post? Thanks.

    1. sure Maam. I have been reading your blog as well as, I am glad you appreciate this

  2. Thanks for allowing this post reposted in my site. Here's the link:

  3. Hi bro, i would like to know the period of validity of E-9 visa ? is it covered only one year or more ? should the holder have to renew every year or 3 or 6 month ? thank you !

    1. validity of visa is based on your contract. Usually, it is 3 years.

  4. yes! me too...^^
    thanks for the info

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  6. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing tips. More power :)

  7. there only one training center in korea? how to contact the training center? i want to confirm if my friend is already there.

    1. hello. no, there are a lot of training centers. Actually, they don't tell which training center they will go to avoid visitation.


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