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4 Best Places in Seoul to Buy Specific Items

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You could probably buy anything you need and everything you want anywhere in Seoul, or in South Korea generally. This country is one big shopping arena, that is why most tourists love to shop especially in the Seoul area.

What better way to buy items in Seoul is to find a place where it is actually nested. Sure you can drop by any stations or any malls to satisfy your shopping craving, but if you want to really get the best item at a very reasonable price, buy it in an area where you are supposed to see it.

Since we are in an online era, some buyers usually get to order their items via the internet portal called GMarket. This is where people, in and outside Korea, can buy Korean items online. But if virtual shopping is not your cup of tea, consider the following places in Seoul where you can buy specific items.

1. Musical Instrument at Nagwon Instrument Arcade

I was planning to buy a keyboard and I was looking for a place where I can select variety of brands. I found this place in Seoul called Nagwon Instrument Arcade.

This is branded as Korea's largest collection of music store. There are hundred of independent music stores in this building and you can find almost, if not all, types of musical instruments that ever existed in this world. Countless of musical instruments including pianos, wind instruments and string instruments. You can also find great variety of amplifiers and speakers in this place.

Direction to go to Nagwon Instrument Arcade:

Take Subway Line Number 1, 3 or 5 to Jongno-3ga Station. Go to Exit Number 5. Once you have exited, you will see this big building. The second and third floor of this building is the Musical Instrument Arcade.

And oh by the way, they're closed on Sundays.

2. The Camera Shops at Namdaemun Market

My eyes drool every time I see new units of camera being displayed on some malls. However, I find the cameras, especially the DSLR units very expensive here in South Korea. When I bought my first ever DSLR, I searched for the best place in Seoul to buy and I found the Namdaemun market. There is this area in Namdaemun Market where you can see a lot of independent shops that sell nothing but cameras. Think of any brands and units you want, new or second hand, and you can find them all in this place. The prices are generally reasonable, but with soft talks and some persuasion, you can ask for a discount. They are kind enough if they'll find you interesting and good customer. :)

Direction to go to The Camera Shops:

Take Subway Line Number 4 to Hoehyeon Station. Go to Exit Number 5 then turn right as soon as you have exited. Go through the Namdaemun Market until the end, it will take about 5 minutes before you can reach the end of the market. There you can see this haven of camera shops.

3. Gadgets And Appliances at Techno Mart

Cellphones, Tablet Computers, and other electronic gadgets you can think, you can find it all at Techno Mart. It is a very large shopping mall located at Gangbyeon and this is a haven of great selection of electronic devices and appliances. You can buy smart phones and tablets at the cheapest possible price.

Direction to go to Techno Mart:

Take Subway Line number 2 to Gangbyeon Station. Go to either Exit 1 or Exit 2.

4. Computers and Laptops at Yongsan Electronic Market

Situated near the Yongsan train station, the Yongsan Electronic Market offers a large selection of electronic gadgets. But if you will buy something from this place, I will only recommend the PC and laptops. Why? Because you can just select any brands or if you want the new or secondhand units. Aside from that, the price are really affordable. Although I heard some "horror stories" about buying some PCs and laptops from this place, you can select an independent store whom you think you could trust. As for me, I would recommend this store called "Laptop Professional". This is where I bought my laptop and I am so far happy with the item.

Direction to go to Yongsan Electronic Market:

Take Subway Line Number 1 to Yongsan station. Go to Exit Number 2 and you can directly go to Yongsan Electronic Market from there.

There are a lot of great shopping spots in Seoul where you can buy items at a very reasonable price. Shopping in Seoul is not really expensive at all if you are practical and wise.


  1. It's nice to see that there are specific shops for items in Seoul Korea. It's faster to shop that way.

  2. Knowing where to go is such a time saver! Plus, items are cheaper there compared to other locations, right? I want to travel to Korea someday. :)

  3. Good to know that there are shop designated areas for your shopping spree. It is is not difficult to hunt and target the area of the majority of your shopping.

  4. A place for everything about living...nice places in Korea. Easy to find during shopping time.

  5. Good thing you pointed out where to buy specific items, I think, i'll go at the Camera Shops at Namdaemun Market

  6. It's cool that there are stores and places ti buy specific items. At least when I go there, I know where to get stuffs :)

  7. Can you state some estimate price ranges of the cameras sold at the Camera shops there? Are they cheaper than those sold in eBay / Amazon?

  8. this looks very informative! i am planning to go in korea visit my friends and travel with friends if time permits!

  9. thanks for sharing this is for informative my cousins are going to Korea soon I will share this blog post with them

  10. Hi! You can also add "Insadong" as the place where literally ALL Korean traditional items one could ever want is sold at very reasonable prices :)

  11. You guys should try . I bought gadgets here and the best cheap gadget I've ever bought.

  12. @LynAnderson Is a new e-commerce. I tried to purchased my car gadgets and so far, so good. I would definitely will purchased there again.


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