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Nampodong Street Market: A Must Visit Place in Busan to Shop and Sightseeing

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A breathtaking view in one of the streets at Nampodong Market
I found a new favorite place in Korea, it’s a place called Nampodong Street in Busan. The place draws thousands of visitors every year because the venue of Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is just within the area. Add to that some famous tourist attractions like Busan Tower and the Jagalchi Market (I’m going to talk about these in other blogposts). However, for me, what makes Nampodong an awesome place to visit is the street market. It has a lot of assortment of shops which sell not only branded items but also cheap but quality products. In this blogpost, let’s try to check out the Nampodong Street Market and let’s see what we can do in this place.

Since this is a market, shopping is the obvious reason why people go to this street. Nampodong has wide alleys but they also have narrow alleys. There are streets that not even a row of 10 people could be accommodated.

In this photo, we almost fully occupied the width of the street

But what amazed me is that eventhough the alleys are so narrow, they can still manage to install shops and stalls in the middle of the street.

One of the many stalls in the middle of the narrow street

The friendly vendors in the market are easy to talk with. They can even give you discounts for the items if you can speak their language well. The numerous items for sale all over the market is so overwhelming. Bags, shoes, fashionable clothing and even jewelries, name it and you can find it at Nampodong street market.

Anything you can find and buy at Nampodong street market

The market does not only sell clothing and whatnot, to satisfy your gastronomic cravings, street foods are also all over the place. In fact, some people intentionally go to this place not to shop but to eat street food.

Street food at Nampodong

There are also numerous Korean restaurants in the area. If you are looking for a place to dine in at Busan and taste the authentic Korean food, you won’t find it difficult to look for one at Nampodong.

Enjoying Kamjatang at this restaurant

You see, Nampodong Street Market is not only for shopping but also for food tripping. It’s so diverse. And speaking of diversity, if you don’t feel like shopping or eating, you can go sightseeing. Yes, you read it right, sightseeing in the market. At Nampodong, you can find almost everything to satisfy your eyes. Starting from Weird Street to cool mascots and awesome people, you can be fully entertained by just looking at your surroundings.

Having fun with this weird bronze statue

What I can’t forget about Nampodong is the strange but awesome bronze statues lining the streets of the market. Oh well, it start at the very center of the Nampo shopping headquarters where two bronze statues, a man and a woman, half naked are standing tall and proud. This has become the landmark of the market.

City spot at Nampodong Street

Despite being a city market, the place looks a little bit laidback for me. Although there are a lot of modern touches to the buildings and the architecture in general, I will still consider Nampodong Street market real and raw in terms of people and culture. I like it when it’s congested with people but not so noisy.

Next time you go to Busan, don’t forget to include Nampodong Street Market. You must visit this place, or else, your trip to Busan will never be complete.

To go directly to the shopping street, take Metro Line Number 1 (orange Line) and get off at Nampo station. Go to Exit 1 or 3 to the PIFF square.

Check the map below.


  1. Confession...I am a boring homebody! I live in the USA and have barely traveled in country let alone to foreign countries. The market you discovered looks like something I would enjoy tremendously. In our rural area we have flea markets and farmer's markets that are very similar. Vendors sell wares (discounts can be haggled for), clothing and local foods are in abundance, the only thing missing is the crowds. Visiting other countries is on my bucket list and I'm glad I got to read your post about great places to visit in Korea.

    1. That market sounds interesting. I thunk like people, market places have their own personalities too. Thanks for dropp8ng hy michelle.

  2. I am an avid traveler and your pictures make me remember why! I love seeing new places and going to their markets to discover great deals or local favorites! I have to admit that Korea has never really been a go to destination for me, I prefer more of the Mediterranean, but my fiancee lived in Seoul for a year in the military and said it was amazing.

    1. Cool.. you should believe your husband. We have our own personal taste when it comes to travel but sometimes going out with the conventional would not hurt.

  3. I love shopping at local markets and fests, but ours are not as grand and impressive as these. It must have been so exhilarating to visit there with all of the different sites and smells. Isn't traveling wonderful?


    1. It's more than wonderful. Traveling can open your eyes to see things beyond the usual.

  4. I love shopping at markets and festivals, but the places to find the best stuff is like these street markets. You can find the best nic nacs around. Looks like an amazing places to travel to and shop. These are my favorite kind of places.

    1. I know right? It's awesome if you can find anything and everything you need in just one area.

  5. Markets that remain intact in terms of its "real and rawness" are rare. I would be interested in visiting Nampodong to explore the features as you've stated and to immerse myself in a market that continues to be the heart of a local economy. Fascinating post!

  6. I've heard so many great things about Busan! A few of my friends used to live there to teach English. Unfortunately I never got the chance to go and visit, but I absolutely love markets-- especially those in Asia. I hope I get to visit someday!

  7. I would love to shop here! I have never heard of Busan before. I think that it is so awesome that there are street markets. I also think the width of that road is crazy! How narrow! I'm not used to that!

  8. Wow how cool! I have always wanted to go and visit but haven't had the time for traveling this far. I really love street markets because it is the best way to experience the culture and the food! I loved seeing the photos, thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. I never thought to visit Nampodong but you did an amazing recap. I am all about food tripping and street food. That to me is the best part of traveling experiencing all of the food and absorbing the culture!

  10. I have never traveled and I have to say it looks like it would be so much fun. Not only fun but just a great experience in general. One day maybe I will get a chance to visit! One day, hopefully!! =D Look like it would be a blast!


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