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Possible Blooming Dates of Cherry Blossom in Korea 2015

Spring 2015 in Korea is finally here!!!

And when we think of spring, one thing comes to our mind, FLOWERS!!!

But when it comes to spring flowers, cherry blossom stands out because people are anticipating its blooming because of its beautiful petals.

If you are one of the many people who anticipate the blooming of cherry blossoms, here are the possible blooming dates in different areas in Korea this spring 2015. Credit to the Korea Tourism Organization for this timetable.

Check your respective region and the expected date of blooming.

SeogwipoMarch 24March 24
BusanMarch 28March 28
TongyeongMarch 30March 30
YeosuApril 2April 2
GwangjuApril 1April 2
DaeguMarch 31March 31
PohangMarch 31March 31
JeonjuApril 4April 5
DaejeonApril 5April 5
CheongjuApril 6April 7
SeoulApril 9April 10
IncheonApril 12April 13
GangneungApril 3April 5
ChuncheonApril 12April 12

For major palaces in Seoul, here is the schedule of blooming of flowers:

PalacePlants & FlowersBlooming date
Gyeongbokgung PalaceMaehwaApril 2 - April 17
Cherry blossomApril 4 - April 22
Apricot blossomApril 7 - April 20
Changdeokgung Palace and HuwonSansuyuMarch 22 - April 16
MaehwaApril 3 - April 20
PeonyMay 15 - May30
Changgyeonggung PalaceMaehwaApril 3 - April 17
Apricot blossomApril 5 - April 17
Royal azaleaMay 5 – May 20
Deoksugung PalaceApricot blossomMarch 25 - April 10
Cherry blossomApril 1 - April 15
Royal azaleaApril 15 - May10
PeonyApril 20 - May10

Jongmyo Shrine

Persimmon blossomMay 5 – May 25

And here is the list of major royal tombs in Seoul and the expected date of blooming:

Royal tombPlants & FlowersBlooming date
Hongneung / Yureung 
(a.k.a, Hongyureung)
AzaleaApril 1 - April 22
Cherry blossoms
April 11 - April 25
Taereung / Gangneung
(a.k.a, Taegangneung)
SansuyuMarch 25 - April 20
AzaleaMarch 29 - April 28
Royal azaleaMay 2 - May 20
Jeongneung Royal TombAzaleaMarch 29 - April 28
Cherry treeApril 5 - April 20
Seolleung / Jeongneung 
(a.k.a. Seonjeongneung)
SansuyuMarch 25 - April 20
Cherry treeApril 5 - April 20
Heolleung / Illeung 
(a.k.a. Heonilleung)
AzaleaMarch 29 - April 28
ViburnumMay 10 - May 30

(Gyeongneung, Changneung, Hongneung, Ingneung and Myeongneung)

Cherry treeApril 10 - April 20

Enjoy cherry blossom while it lasts because it will only showcase its beautiful flowers in less than one week.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Video of the Attack to the US Ambassador to South Korea

Photo credit to Reuters

The US Ambassador to South Korea Mark Lippet was having a breakfast conference at Sejong Art Centre in Seoul when a man attacked him with a knife while shouting anti-war slogan. The US ambassador was preparing a lecture about peace between the North Korea and South Korea when the attack happened.

Police officers immediately arrested the suspect and later on identified as Kim Ki-Jong, a 55 year old man who apparently is the head of a group that advocates peace and reconciliation between the divided Peninsula. Apparently, the group is against the South Korea-US military exercise as this appears to be a drill for war.

According to the US embassy, the ambassador is now in stable condition after a surgery on the face where the attacker slashed him with a knife.

This is the actual video of the incident posted by Video Mug:

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Apply as a Factory Worker in Korea

work in manufacturing industry

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As you can see, this blogpost has been flooded with questions. I could no longer answer questions here. If you have questions, CLICK HERE to see if it has been answered in the FAQ. If not, just leave your question in the comment box of that page.

A lot of people commenting on my blogposts and emailing me asking “How to apply as a factory worker in Korea?”. and although I am not authorized to hire people to work here in Korea, I feel obligated as a blogger to share the information on how people in the Philippines apply as a factory worker here. Interested applicant must go through the process of EPS or Employment Permit System.

So here’s a guide for everyone out there who are interested to work in a manufacturing industry. This is based on the agreement between the Ministry of Employment and Labor of the Republic of Korea (MOEL) and the Department of Labor and Employment of the Philippines with regards to the MOU on the Sending of Workers.

First Step: Announcement of EPS-TOPIK

For the information of everybody, EPS-TOPIK exam is a selection criteria for jobseekers in Korea. This is a Korean language test to ensure that foreign workers who hope to work in Korea are equipped with Korean language skills. One must pass the exam first before being listed in the roster of applicants.

The announcement of EPS-TOPIK is usually posted in the POEA website ( There is no definite date of posting of announcement. The announcement contains the date of survey to be conducted by POEA, this survey will serve as pre registration, the estimated time of actual registration and the test schedule. This is the example of the announcement:
This is a sample announcement from the POEA websit

While waiting for the announcement, I recommend you start learning Korean language. You need to pass the exam in order to be listed in the roster of applicants.

Second Step: Registration for EPS-TOPIK

After you have pre-registered through the survey conducted by POEA, you may now proceed to actual registration on a specified date in the announcement. All applicants must only register in the registration venue where he or she wants to take the test. For the qualifications, please check the list below:

·         Must be 18 years of age and not more than 38 years old on the next EPS-TOPIK exam date
·         Must be physically and mentally fit
·         Must not have any record of conviction or imprisonment
·         Must not have any record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea
·         Registered with active status in the POEA Manpower Registry

Registration venues will soon be posted.

What to Bring for registration:

·         Valid passport or valid governmaent-issued Identification Card with picture and date of birth such as SSS, GSIS, Driver’s License or Voter’s ID
·         Two (2) pcs. passport size colored picture showing a full face with no hat and taken not more than six (6) months before registration
·         Registration/Test fee – US $24 or Php1,044.00. (previous exam)
Third Step: Pass the EPS-TOPIK

Go to the respective testing venue on a specified date on the announcement and take the EPS-TOPIK exam. You must pass the exam, if not, you cannot work as a factory worker in Korea.

The exam is consists of two types, the Listening and the Reading. There are 25 items for listening and 25 items also for reading.  You must answer that in 70 minutes. Test type is multiple choice.

Fourth Step: Wait for the announcement of test result

You will be informed about the date of the announcement of test result. All you need to do is wait (usually about 7 days) for the announcement which can be found on POEA website. Once you see your name on the passer’s list, you can now submit the requirements to POEA. Please note that passing the exam does not guarantee employment, but basically, you are halfway there.

Fifth Step: Submit the requirements

Once you see your name on the passers’ list, report to POEA in your area immediately. The POEA will provide you a list of requirements that you must comply. The requirements are basically medical certificate, IDs, scanned copy of passport, and whatnot. At this point, you won’t find it difficult to provide the documents needed since you already have it since the registration. All you need to do is photocopy and send it to POEA Manila.

Sixth Step: Wait, wait and wait

After you have submitted everything, this is the hardest part, to wait!!! You have to register to use Internet Explorer browser) to monitor your immigration status. This is how it looks like:
Sample procedure of immigration process to monitor your status

It shows the progress of your application from passing the exam up to the job assignment. The first procedure is EPS-TOPIK. It must show a data to start with. If that column has no data, either you haven;t submitted the requirements yet or there are problems found in your documents, i,e. not clear copy of scanned passport, medical result, etc. 

Once your EPS-TOPIK column has data, you should wait for your EPI now or Employment Permit Issuance.If your EPI column has a data, that means, you have been selected already and all you need to do is check in POEA website if you are listed for a one week training and contract signing at POEA Manila. Then wait for your contract to be transferred. Once the CCVI issuance column has data, you need to resign if you have a job or prepare yourself because you are now 90 percent sure of your employment to Korea. All you need to do is wait for your scheduled flight to Korea.

From the POEA website, you can also see the breakdown of the cost you need to pay for processing.

In peso, it is approximately PHP35,000.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science. You just need patience and the guts. For more information about working here in Korea in general, you may want to check my other posts regarding the current minimum wage for factory workers in Korea, type of jobs in manufacturing industry and a lot more HERE

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