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Exploring Homigot Sunrise Square and the Beaches of Pohang City in Korea

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Sunrise at Pohang City

Imagine this!

You wake up in the morning to the sound of the wave of the sea. You crawl out of the warm bed of a pension house and look out of the window and you witness the astonishing sight of the sunrise that encompasses the horizon while the darkness slowly fades to give way to the light brought by the sun. The sea, the mountains, the houses on the waterfront and the total landscape appear as if some great artist is on the process of sketching its outline. The morning is quiet and still and all you want to do is sip a cup of coffee while watching the wonders of the world slowly unveiling right before your eyes.  You hold your breath not only because of the amazing extension of the sun rays from an unseen celestial being, but also because finally, a new day has come. You hear people laughing and discreetly chatting as if whispering sweet sound with each other. And you say to yourself………..

What a wonderful world!!!

I could just recall the melancholy of that imagination, the truth of the matter is that I did not just imagine it, I experienced it in the city of Pohang in North Gyeongsang Province of South Korea. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to Pohang, a place located 110 km North of Busan and 360 km SouthEast of Seoul.

Early morning view in Pohang

So what’s so special about this place?

I’m guessing the name of the place doesn’t even ring a bell for you. When visiting South Korea, you may want to explore other parts of the country that are maybe less popular but as much interesting as Busan and Seoul, and I recommend Pohang because I guess it has the most beautiful sunrise in South Korea.

In fact, there’s this thing they call Homigot Sunrise Festival in Pohang. Homigot is one of the most famous places in Pohang, there’s a place they called Homigot Sunrise Square where people gather every first of January to watch the sunrise over the East Sea. People usually take photo of the sun that pass through the fingers of the metal hand that has been constructed in the water. However, it was already late in the morning when we went to Homigot Sunrise Square, so this is the only photo I could share (boohoo!!!)

It could have been better with the sunrise but I still feel fulfilled because I was able to see this infamous hand. Of course, taking photo with it on the background is mandatory.

Photo opp area with the metal hand in the water

We usually see photos of this hand in the water, but it actually has a pair. The other hand has been constructed on the land. The palm of the hand in the water faces the palm of the hand on the land to symbolize harmony and coexistence.

A metal hand facing the other metal hand in the water
Aside from the metal hands and the sunrise, Homigot sunrise park has a lot of interesting stuff to enjoy.  You can just go there to enjoy the ambiance and the view of the coastline and the sea. It’s a great place for family bonding and to have fun.

One of the activities you can do in Homigot is flying kite which has become a bonding activity for friends and families

I can’t express how much I appreciated Pohang city. The view and scenery make driving all over the city so much fun. It was literally a joy ride for me as we traveled from one place to another. The coastline was breathtaking. As much as I wanted to swim in the open sea, it looks as though it was not necessarily designed for that purpose because of it being so rocky. There are certain beaches in Pohang city where you can go to enjoy the water especially during summer time. Nevertheless, the cool breeze of air coming from the sea not to mention the marvelous view is still worth the visit.

Overlooking the view of the sea

For accommodations, there are a lot of Hotels in Pohang South Korea, you can just book ahead or find a pension house situated near the coastline so you can still have beautiful view even if you are in your room.

At the pension house in Pohang
Depending on where you are coming from, traveling to Pohang is very easy. You can either take a bus to Pohang Bus Terminal or through KTX to Pohang Station. Once you get to the bus terminal or subway station, you can easily take a bus or a taxi to take you to your desired destination.

For example, if you want to go to Homigot from Pohang Bus Terminal, you can take Bus Number 200 from the bus terminal, get off at Guryongpo transfer center and from there, wait for the bus that will take you to Homigot.

I can’t say my appreciation enough about the city of Pohang. I could not forget my travel on that city because it was actually an unplanned trip. I was just tagged along by a relative to attend/crash a party of Tropang Ilonggo (a Filipino tribe community in Korea) and I just found myself partying with people I don’t even know (hahaha).. but it was fun though. It was such a great opportunity to discover a city in Korea called Pohang.


  1. Homigot looks spectacular! I love the hand sticking out of the water. I love the surf and the sunrises. I just love everything about Homigot. I'd love to get there one day.

    1. It's amazing how you fall in love with the place just by reading about it.

  2. Wow what a beautiful looking place. I haven't heard of this place before, but I have learned recently I'm pretty sheltered. The hand coming out of the water is pretty neat. Would love to get photos near that myself. Very cool!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking! I love the photos and the scenery is so beautiful! The hand coming up our of the water is absolutely stunning! I woul dlove to have an opportunity to visit Korea and some point.

  4. I've missed my chance on touring Korea (though I am thinking of going anyway in my 'lifetime'). My friends were teaching English over there for 10 years, and not once did I fly over and be a tourist with them.

  5. Wow, what an absolutely beautiful place. I am so incredibly intrigued by the hand statue. Is it close enough to touch? What is the main significance? I'm sure you can take some extremely creative photos with it in the background.


    1. yeah, it's even dramatic during sunrise but I went there in a broad daylight.

  6. What a wonderful world indeed! Perfect lyrics for this article. Your pictures to me to a place of relaxation and peace. I have never been to South Korea and have heard many great things. I never knew it was so beautiful. Seeing the sunrise their is a new bucket list item.

  7. There are many places in this world that I want to visit, Korea is definitely one of them. It sounds like y'all had an amazing time. I have a good friend who now lives in Korea and absolutely loves it.

  8. Homigot looks like such a beautiful place. That hand reminds me of a statue we have in the Washington DC area, called The Awakening. Definitely have this on my list of places that I want to visit. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Exploring natural beauty will make you really realize how wonderful the world is. This is my first time to learn about Pohang. The hand in the water and on land looks large. Can someone sit on it?

    1. no, it's way to high for somebody to climb and sit.

  10. I love the symbolization of the hands meaning harmony and coexistence. It seemed like beautiful trip. I'm hoping that we can find time to travel more, I could see how it would make you sing "What a wonderful world"

  11. Youre right this place doesnt ring a bell for me but I am happy you shared your experience! Wow look at that hand I never knew that existed and its pretty awesome! I hope one day I can travel frequently and get a chance to visit it looks like you had a wonderful time!

  12. What a beautiful & amazing place to explore..����.. That hand, I first saw it in one of the episodes of Running Man Variety Show, It's really beautiful..Thanks for sharing this one...

  13. First time knowing dis place is from Song Ji-Hyo in Runningman (her hometown), and I love that Hand of Harmony statue, it's kind of cool.. and it's memorable landmark.. Hope could be there someday..

  14. First time knowing dis place is from Song Ji-Hyo in Runningman (her hometown), and I love that Hand of Harmony statue, it's kind of cool.. and it's memorable landmark.. Hope could be there someday..


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