Sunday, July 12, 2015

18 Reasons Why 4 Seasons of Korea SUCK

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One of the biggest questions of travelers when they want to go to Korea is that “What is the best time or season to visit Korea?”.  It’s a question I couldn’t answer and most of the time I tell them that 4 seasons have nothing good to offer to your itinerary. Just go anytime you want because it is not making any difference. Do you want to know why? Of course you must know why 4 seasons suck here in Korea. I have 18 good reasons and I want you to know about it.

Let’s start with Winter. Not every country in the world have winter season and people from tropical countries are dying to experience the snow, that is why some of them go to Korea just for the sake of experiencing the snow, well, it’s not fun at all. Why? Because……

1. There’s no way you can have fun in the snow,’s boring

2. You can’t do anything in the field of snow, it’s freaking cold out there….That's why you can't see a single person playing in the snow during winter...

3. You can’t even go hiking in the mountain, it’s pretty impossible I’ll tell you

photo credit: Arvin Mallari

4. And no breathtaking view during winter, like this one, it’s….. meh!!!

photo credit: Arman Carinan

You see, winter in Korea is boring. But how about spring… It’s worst, ewwww… It is the time of the year where flowers start to bloom…

5. But their flowers here in Korea are ugly

photo credit: Arman Carinan
6. Different kind of unusual flowers with different ugly colors start to sprout everywhere, it’s a pain in the eyes, you know…

photo credit: Kristine Bulanadi

7. And the king of spring, the cherry blossoms bloom too. Like, who loves cherry blossoms? How can you love this view? Huh?

photo credit: Arvin Mallari

After spring, you know it’s summer when it’s getting warm. As the spring exits, comes the unlikeable season, the summer!

8. The invasion of colorful flowers continue until summer that you could no longer take it and you just want to close your eyes with the disgusting view…

Photo credit: Arvin Mallari

9. Seriously? Korea must need to work out on their environment… it’s summer and it’s dull…

10. I guess something is really wrong with summer in Korea. They have the most unhealthy trees and grasses in the world..I mean, look at that…

photo credit: Arman Carinan

11. And the atmosphere is not “summer-ish” at all, I could not feel it…let alone see it...

photo credit: Arman Carinan

12. And people just go to the beach and be miserable…

photo credit: Kristine Bulanadi

13. Who says it’s fun in the beach of Korea? You have no evidence people are having fun there…

So I’d rather fast forward to Autumn. A lot of people love the autumn in Korea, I couldn’t understand why.

14. I mean, what good can you get out of dying leaves?

photo credit: Kristine Bulanadi

15. It’s not even romantic….. not at all

photo credit: Kristine Bulanadi

16. And the view is sooooooo booorinng…

photo credit: Arvin Mallari

17. Look at that, is it even attractive?

photo credit: Arman Carinan

18. Whatever happened to Korea’s nature? Autumn is urghhh

photo credit: Arman Carinan

So you see… With my 18 reasons why 4 seasons of Korea suck, I am sure you are now even confused. But you know the real reason why it really sucks? It is because it’s the hardest decision to make. I could not pick one because all 4 seasons are just equally awesome and I always feel bad if I have to pick just one. Next time you want to go to Korea, just go and don’t make a mistake by asking the question what’s the best season to go to Korea. I am not sure what to answer to that question but regardless of the season, you will never regret coming here, that’s I know is for sure


  1. I would want to trek the mountains on a snowy winter. I guess Korea is great to visit any season.

  2. Those are fine views that I don't get see here in Manila. I've always liked the idea of snow but it's hard to live through winter with the really cold temperature outside.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Korea really sucks. I will not go there. Maybe I'll just go to North Korea because they say that it's more exciting there.

    P.S. I deleted my previous comment by mistake.

  5. OMG Koreaaaa huhuhuhu, home of the running man I'll visit you someday!

  6. Hahahaha..I thought its full of a negative thoughts from you, hahahahaha....well anyway, I'll take note of that. Must go there at anytime of the day!

  7. I had a good laugh while reading this. I thought it was a negative post. I was invited to go to Jeju next year, but I'm not sure if I can actually go. I hope I can. :)


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