How The Mockingjay Survived? –My Shameless Review of Suzanne Collin’s Third Hunger Games Book

Mockingjay is the third and final installment of Suzanne Collin’s Hunger Games trilogy. This book is all about the story of survival and the cost of Freedom. Unlike the previous two books, Mockingjay brought the hunger games to the ultimate level as the war has been triggered by the rebellion spearheaded by soldier Katniss Everdeen. This is the worst Hunger Games ever, but the most rewarding one because this is where the Districts finally get the freedom they deserve from the claw of the Capitol.

In Book 1 and Book 2, the arena for the Hunger Games was specifically set to make the killings more entertaining and challenging. But in book 3, there is no arena because there is no Hunger Games. The people of the district have reached the threshold of the capitol’s domination, and with a single spark of the fire started by Katniss, the people revolt against their oppressors. Mockingjay is a symbol of rebellion and at the same time hope. Mockingjay is no other than Katniss Everdeen.

But as what I’ve said, the third book relates the story of the survival of the Mockingjay. How the 17 year old and the vulnerable Katniss Everdeen survived the war? It’s not surprising that she survived the tragedy because the existence of the mockingjay is a story of survival itself. Mockngjay is a hybrid bird, it is a combination of the Jabberjay and the mocking bird. These birds are genetically created by the Capitol to help them establish a communication. But they soon killed these birds but some of them survived in the wilderness. The union of the mocking birds and the jabberjays has resulted to a mockingjay. You see, Mockingjays exist unintentionally, and so do Katniss Everdeen. So I think, Mocingjay is the perfect symbol of rebellion. Both the mockingjays and Katniss should never have existed.

Back to the question. How did she survive? The story maybe complicated and cumbersome, but if you are really looking into the core concept, it is telling us that in order to survive, you must always secure your basic needs. Yes, the basic needs that we learned from our Home Economics subject are the reasons why Katniss survived, and so do we. It’s a reflection of life, that no matter how complicated the situation is, we can still survive as long as we secure the basic needs. And what are these basic needs?

  1. FOOD
Apparently, food is a scarce in the story. From book 1, book 2 and book 3, the author described how the people struggled to fill their stomachs. There are several accounts in the book where the author clearly narrates the scarcity of food. There are some instances where they need to divide the food and make sure that everybody is getting their fair share. There are also some moments where their shares could not satiate their empty stomachs but they have no choice but to succumb to the reality that food is limited. You know that feeling that you still want to eat more but there’s nothing to eat anymore?  In the first place, food is the main reason why there is Hunger Games, why there is rebellion and why there is war. Food is the most important element to survive, at least according to my teacher, so people will do anything and everything to put something in their empty stomach. Without food, survival is at stake. Food plays a vital role during the war, you can see how Katniss found refuge when she saw canned goods and when somebody offered her a hot meal during the war. We can’t deny the contribution of food to the survival of the mockingjay.

I get it, education is not just about gaining knowledge and wisdom, but it is a very effective weapon to survive. In reality, education is our first weapon to join the corporate world. Without this, landing the first job is not that easy.
In the story, I learned that education is also important in war. You will read how Katniss reacted in the story when she was obliged to train for the war. She’s just like, Hello, I won the hunger games and war is all about killing, so why do we need to learn all these stuffs? But because it’s a must that everybody must undergo training to join the war, she patiently learned to load and unload the gun, train, run, and what not. Instinct alone could not help you survive. It is important that you know what you are doing. If not for the training, I doubt it if Katniss has survived the war. She has been confronted with a lot of challenges, she was even burned, but she survived, thanks to the training.

War equates injury. And when there is injury, you need that first aid kid to survive. In the book, the presence of the hospital, patients and medical practitioners are everywhere. You can see them In the in the districts, in the capitol and even underground. Even during the Hunger Games and Quarter Quell, medicine helped Katniss to survive. In fact, this is the first donation she got during the Hunger games in book 1. You will read a lot about morphling, about hospital rooms and first aid in the book. Katniss ended up sick physically and emotionally, and because of the medicine, she was able to survive.

Everyday, we live to survive, we fight to survive, we work to survive. You see, life is all about survival, but the only secret to stay alive is to grasp on the basic needs. Go back to the basic.
Happy Hunger Games.
And for the last time I say, May the odds be ever in your favour. I can’t wait for the movie version.