6 Must-Try Korean Foods at Somang Kimchi Davao

If you are looking for food adventure or something new to eat, try Korean foods. You don’t need to go to Korea to try their foods because there are a lot of Korean restaurants here in the Philippines. In Davao City alone, there are hundreds of Kimchi inspired restaurants.

One of the leading and the most accessible Korean Restaurants in Davao City is the Somang Kimchi restaurant. It is located along JP. Laurel, Bajada, Davao City, just across Victoria plaza.

I could not really say my verdict because I am not quite familiar with Korean foods. But if you really want to try and you may happen to visit Somang Kimchi Restaurants, here are the 6 must try dishes you must order:

     1.      Samgyupsal

One of the most popular Korean dishes is the Samgyupsal. Basically, it is just thick and fatty slices of pork belly meat.

What is interesting about this is that, this one is being cooked on a grill at the diner’s table.

So what will happen is that, after the pork belly is being grilled right at that instant, it will be wrapped in a freshly picked lettuce. 

You should wrap it along with the side dishes like kimchi, raddish kimchi, clams, pickles, etc.

After you wrap the pork belly with the side dishes:

You can eat it with gusto.

2. Ramyun

Well, Ramyun is nothing but just noodles, but there is something great about the noodles in Korean diner than in some other food chains.

It’s a little bit hot and spicy that would make you say “E Ramyone Masita!!!!”

3. Chicken Guksu

Indulge yourself with more noodles!!! Try Chicken Guksu.

This one is also a little bit spicy, but knowing it is chicken and noodles combine, I don’t think we Filipino would think twice to eat this. I like this one.

4. Kimbap

Please, don’t ever leave a Korean restaurant without ordering the famous KIMBAP.

A korean food made from steamed white rice or bap with various other ingredients, rolled in dried seaweed. In English, Kimbap means seaweed rice.

5. Beef Bulgogi

This one is my favorite. Given that I love beef, the presence of noodles and kimchi together with the beef makes this dish a perfect one.

6. Soju

Of course, do not forget Soju for the after meal quick drinking session.

It tastes like vodka, but a little bit sweeter because of the presence of sugar. A shot or two would not hurt anyway.

In terms of pricing, you can spend up to P3,000 good for 10 to 15 people. I think this is already affordable.


  1. I've tried Korean dishes too last year and it was awesome! I was able to finish a big bowl of noodles and was able to taste their appetizers.

    1. Nah! It's just for the sake of being adventurous when it comes to new flavors. :D

      But their food is delicious especially when I had the chance to try Korean cuisine at Bulgogi Brothers. Everything was spicy but also delicious!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this article. I've been to Davao City last month together with my friends and there are affordable restaurants in Davao City - so worth it.


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