4 Alert Levels That We Must Know During Korean War

We always hope that North and South Korea will one day reunite and forget about the past and their prejudices. But in case worse comes to worst, here are the four alert levels that we must know so we can properly take action during this crisis.

Alert Level 1:

This is what we called the HEIGHTENED ALERTNESS. If the situation is declared on Alert Level 1, that means everybody must be vigilant about what is happening around especially in the Peninsula area and the Demilitarized zone. Watch news, read papers and be alert at all time.

Alert Level 2:

Alert level 2 is RESTRICTION OF MOVEMENT. Minimize your travel in South Korea. If it's not important, you may cancel it. It's better to stay in one safe place during this situation.

Alert Level 3:

This is RELOCATION level. Alert Level 3 signifies Mandatory Evacuation. Whether you like it or not, you must evacuate. You must know some relocation site  or Convergence area where you can stay safe during the duration of war.

Alert Level 4:

This is the most critical situation. At this point, you must go out of South Korea via plane or ship to save your life.

Anybody who is in the threatened area must  know these four alert levels. In case an alert level is announced, you know what to do.


  1. Stay safe and take care! But I hope the war will not escalate. :(

    1. Thanks jonas. So far the situation here is normal and calm


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