7 Simple Steps to Inquire for your NPS or Kukmin Contribution Online

The National Pension Service or 국민연금 (read as Kukminyoenkeum) is a public pension fund in South Korea. If you are in South Korea to work, you are obliged to contribute monthly for your NPS. It is similar to the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. The mechanic is when you pay your monthly contribution to your NPS, your boss will contribute the same amount to your NPS account. So for example your monthly contribution in 84,000 Won, your boss will pay the same and that would make a total of 168,000 Won under your account.

This scheme is very favorable to the workers in South Korea because after your sojourn in the country, you will get the lump sum of your contribution. Imagine if you are contributing monthly for three years, that would make a handsome amount of money after your contract, something you can use to start a new business in the Philippines.

If you want to update your total contribution to your Kukmin, you can do it online. Just follow the steps below to inquire for your Kukmin or NPS contribution:

1. Go to http://www.nps.or.kr

2. Click the Language scrollbar and select the desired language, i.e. ENGLISH.

3. A new page will open, click Q&A box:

4. At the Q&A page, browse to the bottom of the page and click WRITE button.

5. Tick the two boxes as highlighted in the image below and click SUBMIT button.

6. Fill up the form. Make sure you enter your correct Alien Card Number and you have a valid email address.

7. Click SUBMIT button found at the bottom of the form.

After you have followed the 7 procedures above, wait for 3 to 5 days for an email from NPS staff. You should be able to receive an email that look like this:

You have all the right for your NPS contribution. It's good if you will update yourself and to also make sure that your respective bosses religiously deposit the money to your NPS account.


  1. the site ask for ipin but a i dont have it

  2. So once po na makapagwork kna sa KOrea automatic registered kna po for this o hindi pa?


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