6 Easy-To-Follow Directions To Go To TRICKEYE MUSEUM From Hongik University Station

The Trickeye Museum is probably one of the most fascinating and awesome museums in South Korea. It offers unique way of entertaining tourists in a Korean way.

When you enter the Trickeye Museum, you can see these writings in the wall that tells about the museum. Here is what it says:

"Trickeye Museum is an interactive museum with a new concept that stimulates your creativity and imagination by the TOMPE-L'OEIL technique through your vision. The time has come when you can enter the picture, which you used to only watch and become the subject of the picture yourself. You are invited to the world of various masterpieces and wonderful three dimensional pictures."

If you want to go to the Trickeye museum, here are the easy to follow directions:

1. Take the Seoul Subway Station Line Number 2 to Hongik University Station.

2. Go to Exit Number 9 of the station.

3. Once you have exited, go straight ahead and walk for about 150 meters until you reach the crossroad and the first major intersection.

4. Cross the road and turn left, you will see this signboard that tells you that you are in Hongik-Ro Street.

5. Walk straight ahead, about 120 meters until you reach the second side street in between Tony Moly and Holika Holika.

6. Turn right and walk straight 100 m ahead and you will see the door to Trickeye Museum.

When you go to this museum, here are the things you need to bring:

-Camera, preferably DSLR, but digital cameras or cellphone cameras with high definition are ok
-Extra batteries for your camera or cellphone, you will for sure run out of battery
-Creativity for your poses

And what can you see in the museum? I'll let the pictures do the talking.


  1. Lovely pictures! They really are tricky to the eyes. Made me want to visit Korea even more.

    1. Don't forget to include this on your itinerary when you get here.


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