6 Fun Activities You Can Enjoy at Namsan Seoul Tower

You should not dare leave Korea without visiting Namsan. Namsan means "South Mountain", it is also known as Mount Mongmyeok with a height of 262 Meters and is located at Jung-gu district of South Central Seoul, South Korea.

If you are a Koreanovela fanatic or if you are watching a lot of Korean movies, you could have probably heard about Namsan. Any romantic scene would become magical if shot in this very popular place here in South Korea. To know more about Namsan, let me share to you these 6 fun activities that you can do and enjoy in this very awesome tourist attraction in Seoul.

1. Ride the Namsan Cable Car

Zipline, anyone? If you ever dared doing the extreme adventure called zip line, namsan cable car can make you feel the same feeling of flying on air, albeit less intense. Riding a namsan cable car is just like a 3 minutes of special treat of soaring up to the top of the mountain while overlooking the whole beauty of Seoul.

2. Dine in at the Namsan restaurants and cafes

Italian, Asian, Coffees, Tea and even ice cream. Name it and you can find the food you are looking for at Namsan. It has a wide variety of choices for your gastronomic adventures. There's a restaurant called N Grill, a French restaurant that revolves so you could be able to enjoy both the food and the panoramic view.

3. Lock your love at the roof terrace

Have you ever heard of love lock? This is very famous here in South Korea, and in fact, this country is famous of this.  There are a lot of Korean TV shows and series showing the main characters attaching padlock on the fence. Now, there are tens and thousands of padlocks you can see at the roof terrace, and not only that, you could see the impressive view of the city from the terrace.

4. Cuddle with bears at The Bear Museum

Cuteness can also be found at Namsan. The Teddy Bear Museum is an artistic way of telling the story of how Seoul evolved from past up to the present. It's just like walking down memory lane with teddy bears doing their jobs to tell you the story of Seoul. I have so much fun with the teddy bears and I need to make a separate blog about it.

5. View Seoul from the Digital Observatory at N Seoul Tower

Being on the highest peak of South Korea is just like standing on the top of the world. The Digital Observatory offers visitors the most amazing view of Seoul in a 360 degrees panoramic view. You will also get to experience riding in a shocking elevator with shocking wall. It's very fast that you could be able to get to the top of the tower in 30 seconds. At the Observatory, there are cafes, souvenir shops and a lot of interesting things to do up there.

6. Walk along the park

If you are a nature-oriented individual, you can just go walk around the mountain and just have some fun. There are a lot of entertaining and amazing events happening around Namsan. Just be at the vicinity of the mountain and you can just go around feeling the breeze of air, relax and enjoy.....just enjoy the walk.

Here are the additional information that I think you would like to know:

Namsan Cable Car Cost:

Fare: Round-trip — ages 14-64 8,000 won/ ages 4-13 & 65+ 5,000 won
One-way — ages 14-64 6,000 won/ ages 4-13 & 65+ 3,500 won

Teddy Bear Museum Entrance Fee:

Admission: Ages 18+ 8,000 won/ ages 13-17 & ages 65+ 6,000 won/ ages 3-12 5,000 won/ ages 0-2 free

Digital Observatory

Admission: Ages 18+ 9,000 won/ ages 13-17 & ages 65+ 7,000 won/ ages 3-12 5,000 won/ ages 0-2 free


  1. Piso fare is here again offered by CebuPacificAir. I hope I can book a deal to travel to Korea next year or if not the year after and go to all these wonderful places. YUP, I am a fan of Koreanovelas so these places would look all familiar to me hehe.

  2. I never experienced riding a cable car. I hope I'll have a chance to get to Korea and visit N. Seoul.

  3. I want to cuddle with those cute teddy bears oooh

  4. I hope I can go to Korea soon. I am fond of watching koreanovelas that's why I'm familiar with love lock ^_^ and I'm 100% sure I'll enjoy my stay here :D

  5. I hope to experience those places soon in Korea. Nice view on top of the tower.

  6. There are so many fun activities to do. There's also an area in China with the Love locks.

  7. i have never been to korea, i really hope one day, i will visit that place!

  8. I am interested with this kind awesome, high-tech funs and rides. However, I never experience anyone of them. I think it is good if the won is converted to a PH peso currency.

  9. Those teddy bears are so cute! You look really had fun! :)

  10. Id ever I'll be at this place, magpapakasawa ako sa cable car.

  11. awww the lock thingy reminds me of a very popular place in Paris. The whole idea about it is so sweet and kilig! even though there's no forever in this world.

  12. Top 1 in this list should be cuddling with bears in the museum. It's a good thing to do especially if you are traveling with your someone special.

  13. Lock your love at the roof terrace??? Hmmmm..sounds interesting. Love to visit this place with my boyfriend.

  14. This is definitely something that I would visit, should I see myself visiting Korea again. If I can't lock locks in Paris, then I might as well do it in Korea! Lol. But on a serious note, I love towers and would love to dine way up there with a lovely view in sight.

  15. Activities (kindly check your post title again) like these are much more exciting and fun with family or friends around. The experience is more intense and memorable. Thanks for touring us in Namsan.

  16. I would love to ride in a cable car, see the teddy bears and walk around the mountain! It looks fun and relaxing at the same time! ;)

  17. I hope I can also visit Namsan but because of the out of the country travel ban I have imposed upon myself, hindi pa ko pwedeng lumabas ng bansa... Thanks for sharing this though... :)

  18. Shirgeeeee! How are you? I can see Korea's treating you well. I am mot interested with the love lock. Hahahaha! Ang cute ng couple na nasa photo, naka matching shirts pa silang dalawa.

    1. yoo..attorney. hehe... lingaw jud sila tan awon..hehe..adto diri

  19. I think Seoul is a very beautiful place! Looking at your pictures makes me want to book a flight to Korea! :)

  20. Visiting the destination places and eating korean food is my dream vacation. So that is why it's included in my bucket list is to be able to tour Korea since I'm a korean novela fanatic.

  21. been there. done that. really nice!


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