6 Korean Traditional Culture and Lifestyle in Korean Folk Village

If you are in to learn more about traditional Korean culture and life, go to the Korean Folk Village which is located at Yongin, in the province of Gyeongi, South Korea. What Korean Folk Village can offer is a very interesting and fun approach in showcasing the traditional culture and life of Koreans. The limelight of K-pop and K-dramas are just merely the façade of the modern age Korea, but behind the glittering and shining fame of the land of the calm morning is the rich history that is worth telling for throughout the generation.

South Korea has brought to the world the Korean Folk Village as a way of telling to the new generation Koreans and to the foreigners who are interested to learn about Korea about their traditional way of living which would represent as a concrete definition of their culture and life.

At Korean Folk Village, they have a lot of facilities that could entertain all the visitors and at the same time convey an atmosphere of learning about old age Korea. Here are the facilities that you can enjoy at the Korean Folk Village:

1. Korean Traditional Houses, Education and Administration

What is a village without houses? What is a community without shelter? What you could probably expect from this place is a whole load of houses, but not just an ordinary house. If you are a fanatic of Korean dramas, you could have probably seen some examples of old style Korean houses. The houses have different designs and styles and the design of the house defines the status of the family living there. Your social status is the basis of what type of house you should live in.

 In the Southern part of the village, you can see this type of house with a lot of crops displayed in the outside. This is actually a farmer’s house:

This is how it looks like in the inner wing of the house. Somebody is also demonstrating what Korean farmers are usually doing inside their house.

You can also see how the commoner’s house looks like and also the peasant and the manor’s house.

Korean education has been the top most priority since the beginning of their civilization. Among the type of their education is the Chunghyon Seowon. It is a private educational institution which caters to Confucian scholars.

And this is the old Korean administration building looks like. This is where administrative duties are being implemented. This is where they used to punish bad citizens.

2. Korean Ceremonies and Religious Belief

At Korean Folk Village, they perform the actual wedding ceremonies and the actual worship service they offer to the God that they believe in.

Be entertained on how they commemorate special occasions and at the same time learn from it.

3. Korean Festival and Entertainment

I think it is innate for Koreans to have some fun because even the old age Korea has their own way of entertaining themselves. You can witness an acrobatic on tightrope:

The farmer’s dance and music is also featured for the visitors to enjoy with their fun performance in a colorful costume:

And the most amazing part of entertainment is the showcase of the equestrian skill:

4. Korean Folk Games

All around the village, you can also get to experience playing some of the famous Korean folk games like skipping rope. Kids would really enjoy this and at the same time get to know these old street games of Korean ancestors.

5. Korean traditional market

Experience how it feels like to shop in a traditional market of South Korea. You can dine, you can shop and you can witness what people are generally doing in old age Korean market.

6. Korean Folk Museum

Museums will never be absent when it comes to conveying information regarding a theme. In this case, a museum situated in the center of the village showcases the traditional way of living of Koreans from farming, to lifestyle and livelihood.

Aside from the Korean traditional lifestyles, the amusement park and the bridges and the landscapes are an added bonus to the totality of going back in time experience in South Korea.

Korea Folk village is recommended as a venue for learning. In a way, this is their tribute to their ancestors to acknowledge their effort to make Korea a better place to live.

If you want to visit, the exact address of Korean Folk Village is 90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do [경기도 용인시 기흥구 민속촌로 90 (보라동) ].  The easiest way to go to this place is to get off the Suwon Station via the Seoul Subway Line Number 1. Go to the Exit number 4 and take a bus number 10-5 or 37 to the Korean Folk Village. There is also a shuttle bus which you can ride for free. Just go to the Folk Village Office which is located in front of the Suwon Station. The shuttle bus runs 5 times a day.


  1. I have been to Korea but only in the airport. I did not have a chance to explore the Seoul city.

  2. I was invited to an event in MET Museum Manila celebrating Korean Art Print-making months ago and i can tell that Koreans have a very rich culture like every race in the world. It felt very amusing for me to know that Korea Foundation is doing all they can to share these wonderful creations and culture they have with the rest of Asia.

  3. You are lucky to experience this! I'd love to visit Korea soon too! Looking at your photos, For sure I'll have fun too!

  4. It's really nice to see the rural side of Korea. No perplexed culture, just some traditional way of celebration and festivities.

  5. I've been to Japan for a student exchange program and the photos you have here remind me of my experiences there. I'd really love to visit Korea in the future! :)

    Pauchee C.

  6. Everything in the Korean Village is so camera-friendly (photogenic). :) Is there a tour guide who will be talking and discussing some background about each spot. I'm sure tourists will appreciate the place and things more when they have ample knowledge about them.

    1. Sad to say that there is no tour guide, but you can bring one if you want to. Anyway the place is very educational friendly that you can easily understand what it means even without a tour guide.

  7. wow visiting this learning village will sure is open tourists or visitors eyes on how korea is made and how everything is started! it would be fun i guess since it is another knowldge to add up!

  8. Embracing new culture and knowing their traditions enriches your personal knowledge and understanding on how to adapt customs and heritage.

  9. I would love to go to Korean folk village and experience all those things

  10. It seems you and your friends enjoyed your village experience in South Korea as much as I enjoyed reading and viewing your photos of it. How I wish to visit that place soon..

  11. Seeing the traditional village in Korea would really be interesting as we are more common with the contemporary version of Korea.

  12. Now this is a perfect place to learn more about Korea and their culture and way of life. I also want to experience how they live before.. :)

  13. One of the good things about Korea is there preservation of their culture and passing it to the new generations. And they also have showcased them to others who visited them. Though they are not alone in this one but strong ties to upheld this kind of activities is nice.

  14. Great photos. They made me feel like I've visited the place too. You can definitely learn a lot of things about Korean Culture in the village.

  15. Your lucky enough to experience Korean culture first hand. But I too learn much from your post.

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  17. Okay, so here is the part where I will be saying that I completely envy you! Wish I could get a personal involvement into these korean activities. Sayang, I missed the student leadership program we had in highschool where participants were sent to Korea.

  18. When I hear the word "Korean", what pops first in my mind is the colorful and spunky outfits the modern Koreans wear these days. Nice to know that there is this place where we can really know the "traditional" Korea. Wish I could visit the place someday. :)

  19. I'm more interested in cultural villages like that one. I was told that Korea has a rich culture that makes it an attraction to many tourists and travelers around the world.

  20. Of all the 6 features I would want to try Korean Festival and Entertainment cause I need it now. "May pinagdadanan kasi ako ngayon". Haha!

  21. Wow seeing the Korean traditional lifestyle through your pics makes me want to fly to Korea right now! =)

  22. This is interesting. I am never actually familiar with Korean tradition, but I am now. :)


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