4 Unique Properties of Samsung Galaxy Round

A new smartphone has just been launched by South Korea's leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and they call it the SAMSUNG GALAXY ROUND.

After the brouhahas following the leaked photo of the said smartphone, Samsung finally revealed today that it is indeed existing with promising features that users will surely love. Samsung Galaxy Round runs Android and it offers new properties for a unique user experience. Here are the 4 properties that would help you decide whether to buy this phone or not.

1. The Curve Display

This is so far the first mobile device that comes in a curve display. The Galaxy Nexus has also a curve display but it is not as curve as this new product from Samsung. This is so far the most unique and important property of Samsung Galaxy Round as no other mobile device, including its rival iPhone, has a curve display. This step is so far experimental according to Samsung. They just want to gauge customer's taste when it comes to curve display. Aside from the unique design, the curve display will also make the phone more flexible and at some point, unbreakable.

2. The Roll Effect

The Roll Effect is a prerequisite to the curve display. Because of it having a curve display, users can actually perform a roll effect to their phone. And what exactly is the roll effect? It is the ability to push the phone on one side and it will show the default homepage information of the phone. To demonstrate on how to do this, watch this video:

3. The Gravity Effect

Another prerequisite to the curve display of Samsung Galaxy Round is the Gravity Effect. This effect allows you to interact with your phone display visually. For example, if you are playing music, by just tipping on the rounded handset of the phone, you can skip to the next track. You can also do similar effect to photos and videos.

4. The Side Mirror

Tilt the phone to either left or right and you can magically access your phone's gallery to checkout some saved photos and videos.

These new features of Samsung Galaxy Round will mark a new milestone in the world of smartphones. Competitors like LG Electronics and Apple are also brewing their answer to Samsung's challenge. LG Electronics is said to release their smartphone with vertically curve display while Apple is working on their Smart Watch.

The retail price of Samsung Galaxy Round is $1013.