3 Types of Delectable Filipino Food you can Find in Seoul

I love FOOD!!!!

Who does not?

I bet you too love food.

Korea is one of the best places in the world to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. There are a lot of good dining restaurants that serve not only the authentic Korean food but also other western food. If you are in for an amazing food adventure in Korea, try visiting a place in Seoul called Hyehwa-dong. Chicken House? Pizza? Donuts? Ice cream parlor? Name it and you can find what exactly your taste bud is looking.

But  one thing I'd like to have for a food trip is Filipino food and this place they called Little Manila in Hyehwa is a haven for Filipino food lovers. I don't usually go to this place because it is crowded, noisy and messy but it offers different kind of fun especially for the Overseas Filipino Workers here in South Korea.

So I started my food trip with FILIPINO DESSERTS. I know it should come last but I supposed to just treat myself with sweets that time. I don't have any plan to eat anything aside from desserts. I saw almost, if not all, Filipino kakanin for sale at Hyehwa. I bought three kinds of kakanin, the Biko, Puto and Maja Blanca all for only 5,000 won.

I felt like I was in the Philippines while eating the sweets and I got other Korean bypassers curious of the food that I am eating. The filipino vendor told me that their best seller is actually kutsinta. In fact, it wasn't available because it was all sold out when I was there.

Aside from the desserts, FILIPINO STREET FOOD are also available there. You can buy Lumpia or even pork barbecue for only 2,000 won per stick.

One of the most common filipino street food is Toron and of course it is also available. If you miss the Saba coated with sugar, you can have one at Hyehwa for only 2,000 won.

I was so full already with the desserts and street food I ate but the welcoming presence of the Filipino cook in one corner of little Manila persuaded me to try eating at their place.

They serve FILIPINO VIANDS and you can get a value meal for only 6,000 Won. A value meal comprises of two viands of your choice, rice and a soup. It's a good deal for me considering that they serve authentic Filipino food made by Filipino cook.

It's fun to eat at this place because the Filipinos there are awesome and cool. They made me feel welcome and they also initiated an ambiance of being at home.

The place is not really that comfortable, a typical carenderia in the Philippines. Just bring somebody you want to eat with so you can enjoy the place and food despite the messy venue.

But what surprises me the most is that the small carenderia has a lot of patrons who are foreigners. I saw Americans and Koreans who maybe got curious about Filipino food.

Next time you want to satisfy your gastronomic cravings with a touch of nostalgia, go to Little Manila at Hyehwa. The market is only open during Sundays.


  1. oh wow!!! was that Pork Barbecue??I'm now craving for that now.. When I was living abroad i enjoyed finding filipino food in the most unexpected places too

  2. Wow! I never thought there'll be Filipino food there! I hope I could come to Korea soon and when I got there and be tired of eating Korean food, I'll be visiting there to taste our own food. :)


  3. Almost everywhere we go, there's a spot for Filipinos. Presence of such food markets will help lessen the homesickness of our OFWs and travelers alike, with the help of the food and the community :)

    Btw, do they make the desserts in Korea or import it?

  4. Same here, when never I'm longing for Filipino food here in Malaysia, I just go to Kota Raya, where Filipino Restaurant, Stores are located. But If I prefer an alfresco one, I just go out side of St. John Cathedral. Serving all most the same what I see in your photo.

  5. That's so nice for the OFWs who are missing our food. This way they would feel like they're closer to home. :)

  6. Filipino foods are anywhere to be found even in the remotest cities of the world. I loved Pinoy foods.

  7. Having these Filipino foods being sold at the streets of Korea make Filipinos there feel like they're at home.

  8. Now this is the place I will visit whenever I'm in South Korea. Filipino food is absolutely delicious! Thanks for this! :)

    1. wow, pupunta ka talaga dito sa Korea for pinoy food? hehe

  9. Nice to know that even if you're not here in the Philippines, still there is a place you can feel that you are at home. As in Feel at home ang kainan dito.

  10. Are there any stores which are open on Mondays? I can't go there on Sunday. HUHUHU!


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