8 Must Try Korean Street Food in Myeong-dong (명동)

Myeong-dong (명동) is one of the best places in Seoul for shopping. There are a lot of shopping places in South Korea but what makes Myeong-dong stands out among any others is that you can find big brand name shops and high end department stores in this place. Brands like Nature Republic, Forever 21, and other shops with premium labels are all present, you can even find Starbucks in Myeong-dong. I must say this is a place for shoppers who are into designers items. 

But for those who don't care about branded items like me, there is still a reason why Myeong-dong is a must visit place in Seoul. Aside from the famous restaurants and shops and department stores, Myeong-dong is also a haven for Korean Street Food. In fact, the place is one of Korean tourism's pride because tourists go to this place as part of their itinerary. They either go there to shop or just walk around and eat Korean Street Food which I often do. If you happen to visit Myeong-dong, here are the 8 Korean Street Food that I recommend for you to try

1. The Dried Squid

The first time I saw this dried squid, I was surprised. I think one of the most unique Korean street food I ever encountered. The squid or octopus is grilled over a very hot temperature, then they will shred it and serve. There are also a lot of varieties of squid and octopus so that customers can choose.

Price range: From 2,000 KRW to 3,000 KRW

2. The Tteokbokki

This particular street food of Korea is very famous especially during winter. This has been a staple of street food in Korea. Don't be deceived with the hot red color because it's not really that spicy.

Price Range: 2,000 KRW to 4,000 KRW per serving

3. The Korean French Fry Hot Dog

A tornado fries rolled over hotdog. I could feast on this for one whole day without eating rice. Watch out for carbs though.

Price range: 3,000 KRW to 4,000 KRW per stick

4. The Dragon Bread

I am really in love with breads, any kind of bread would do as long as it smells good like this dragon bread. Although this is not really a traditional Korean street food per se, I would still want you to try this out. Nothing's really special about this bread except that it is being stuffed with pumpkins or bulgogi.

Price Range: 2,000 KRW to 3,000 KRW per piece

5. The Bboki

If not for the entertaining factor on how this food is made, I wouldn't mind sharing about this. In other countries, this is called honeycomb. Basically, it's a candy with baking soda. It is very crispy.

Price: 1,000 KRW per piece

6. The Hot Dogs

Sort of a western influence to South Korea, I am not sure though. This is not simply a hot dog because they stuffed a lot of things in this bite size hot dogs. I am sure you will gonna love this.

Price: 3,000 KRW per stick

7. The Red Bean Fish Toast

No, it's not a fish. It is not even made of fish. The shape is just like a fish but this is just made of two pieces of of toast filled with sweet red bean paste.

Price: 1,000 KRW

8. The Cotton Candy

Not really a Korean traditional street food, but for sweet tooth out there, this one is for you. This colorful cotton candy is not only enticing in the eyes but also tastes good. It tastes like candy! Yeah, candy!

Price Range: 2,000 KRW to 3,000 KRW

So there you go foodies, I hope you enjoyed what I shared to you today. If you are looking for some great food adventure, try the Korean Street Food at Myeong-dong. You can eat a lot at a very reasonable price.

Happy Eating!!!!


  1. Mouthwatering! I wish I could visit Korea soon so I could try all of these...now I am craving for some dried squid because of this post...really nice photos.

  2. Hi Shirg, I want to try 2, 4 & 5. :) Any idea what are the ingredients used to make those yummy foods?

    1. na je, I'm just a good eater, not a good cook.. haha

  3. Wow! So delicious! Would love to try them all :D

  4. Wow, their street food are really interesting, huh! :D I wonder what's Tteokbokki...

  5. whew! I want to try all of these Korean street foods. I wish I was there. haha.:D.

  6. I think we almost have the same street food here in the PH though they look more hygienic . HAHA. I'm now craving for dried squid! :)

  7. Where in myeong dong exactly can i find these?

    1. Hi Marcus. These are all over Myeongdong. Just go to the market and you can just find these street food everywhere.

  8. is all of these are halal? especially the meat stuffs . anyway thanks for the info given :)


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