Korea’s Awesome Summer Destination: Muchangpo Beach(무창포해수욕장)

Muchangpo Beach

Maybe one of the most interesting places I have visited here in South Korea is the Muchangpo Beach. It is because Korea is not actually known for beaches, unless otherwise you go down south at Jeju Island, you would rather go around the city of Seoul and Busan than going to the beach. However, the idea of getting soaked into the water under the scorching heat of the sun seems inviting, plus it’s summer, it is this time of the year when all roads lead to the beach, so I joined the bandwagon.


I could not compare Muchangpo Beach to any other beaches in South Korea because it was the first and only beach I visited so far in this country. All I can say is that it is not a typical blue sea with white fine sands where beach bodies sunbathe. Think of an ideal beach and Muchangpo would not qualify to that standard. But it is a unique and interesting place to visit especially during summer season. You may not get the best a beach can offer but there is something about this place that would make you want to go back.


Muchangpo Beach at Low Tide

The most remarkable aspect of Muchangpo beach I observed so far is the extensive low tide both in the aspect of time and area. It looks like the beach has more time on low tide, and if it is high tide, it is not really that wavy. I guess because it is summer time that is why water level is not remarkably deep. What I like most when it is low tide is that, some small islands (or can we call them islets) show up. Well at one glance, there’s not much about the island except for photo opportunity, but you will be surprised to see some living creatures in the island that you can only witness when you dive at high tide.

Small Islands appearing during low tide

There are crabs, snails, starfish and whatnot. During low tide, Koreans and other tourists go to these islands to collect seafoods and make a nice meal out of it. When we went to the island, we also collected some crabs and snails for dinner and it was fun taking something fresh from the Mother Nature. I was able to fill my pocket with some poor sea creatures.

Picking up some crabs and shells

Another remarkable event during low tide at Muchangpo Beach is the appearance of the Mystic Sea road. If you know the story of Moses, you may be familiar with how the sea parted and leave a walking trail in the middle so people could step and walk into it. This phenomenon is also happening at Muchangpo Beach. It’s just sad that the sea parting did not happen when we went there. Usually, it happens at late Spring between the months of May and June. People could literally walk from the coastline to the adjacent island during low tide.


I love sunset, but Muchangpo has the most breathtaking sunset in the world. I would just like to let the photos do the talking. I guess I was lucky enough to have a lot of volunteer models that time. These are unedited photos so you could see how beautiful the sunset is at its natural color.

Pastor Jerry Yusi and wife Cynthis Yusi

The Ladies of Sinwoldong Sungkyul Church Foreign Ministry

The BIG Brothers

Group pic at the early stage of sunset


Night time is never boring at Muchangpo because of the fireworks. I don't know why but people there light fireworks every night. Imagine how awesome it is to light fireworks on the seashore.

Fireworks at Muchangpo Beach


No matter how much I want to ignore them, these migratory birds at the beach will sink in to your senses whether you like it or not. I don’t find them annoying but I find them intimidating.. hahaha… It’s weird but I got intimidated by their presence. If you will visit Muhangpo beach especially during summer time, expect to swim with the birds.

Migratory birds at the beach


Motor boat, jet ski, banana boat, fly fish….. name it, and you can find these joy rides at Muchangpo beach. Although it’s quite pricey but I am sure you would like the experience. We did not try any of those rides anyway, but if you would like to check the prices, see the list below:

Motor boat (10 persons) : Adult: 15,000 KWon ; Children: 10,000 Kwon  per head
Jet Ski (3 persons): 30,000 KWon  per head
Single Banana Boat (7 persons): 20, 000 KWon per head
Double Banana Boat (12 persons): 20, 000 Kwon per head
Fly Fish (4 persons): 30, 000 KWon per head
Peanut Boat (3 persons): 25,000 KWon per head
Big Marble (4 persons): 20, 000 Kwon per head
Bandwagon (4 persons) : 20,000 Kwon per head
Wake board (1 persons): 30,000 Kwon per head

One of the fun rides available at Muchangpo Beach


What I like most about Muchangpo is that you can actually shop while beaching because you can see a lot of convenience stores and establishments right in front of the beach. If you want to stay overnight, there are a lot of Motels also near Muchangpo beach. If you will come in a group just like in our case, you can stay at the pension houses near the beach. We stayed at this three storey pension house called “Full House”. You may need to make reservation in advance. It is not difficult to find it since it is located just about 30 meters away from the seashore.

Full House Pension House


The actual address of Muchangpo Beach is at 10, Yeollinbada 1-gil, Ungcheon-eup, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do -충청남도 보령시 웅천읍 열린바다1길 10 (웅천읍). Depending on the mode of transportation and the condition of the road, you can reach Muchangpo from Seoul in 3 to 5 hours. If you go there via public transportation, take an express bus bound for Boryeong Bus Terminal from Seoul Nambu Terminal. Get off at Boryeong Bus Terminal and transfer to Bus number 901to Biryeongyoyang Hospital (보령요양병원) Bus Stop. Then transfer to Bus 501 located in front of a Medical Pharmacy and get off at Biche Palace Bus Stop. From the bus stop, the beach is 580 m away. You can either walk or take a taxi from there.


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