How Can an OFW in Korea Start a Business? Learn from the Entrep Champ Paulo Tibig

I watched this video entitled PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT- for the OFW in South Korea created by Smoke and Mirrors Entertainment, it is a 25 minute video covering the problems of OFWs in South Korea about savings and tips on how to save and invest. I recommend you to watch that video so you can gain valuable financial insights for yourself. I have shared the video at the bottom of this page.

One of the most striking topic in that video is all about INVESTING. This one word is the key for all of us OFWs here in Korea to achieve the financial freedom that we desire. However, there are some pre-requisites before you can get into the investing stage. It is not enough that you are earning a lot of money to invest. One must have proper financial plan and management before he can invest in any business or investment vehicles. Check yourself, you have all the money you needed, but are you capable of handling a business? Or can you even start a business?

So how to actually start?

In every rag to riches story I read, there's one and only common reason why a person succeed, and that reason is KNOWLEDGE. They read book, the observed, they studied and they attended seminars hosted by remarkable speakers who are also successful in their own businesses. If you have a dream for yourself and for your family, start educating yourself financially. Learn what kind of business you can do so you don't need to stay an OFW forever.

Here's a wonderful opportunity for all OFWs in South Korea who have strong desire to get out the bondage of slavery to earn money. The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) Korea will conduct a seminar on how an OFW can start a business.

TGFI Korea

You say, "Why would I spend my precious time and money on that seminar? I have money to start a business and I don't need that!" . And I say "weee?". You see, business is not just all about money. Fine, money is important, but no matter how big your capital is if you are not capable of the business you chose, I'll tell you, it will not stay long in the industry. That is why seminars are very important because this is where you can acquire proper knowledge needed for you to build your own empire.

What is this seminar all about?

Definitely not about Multi Level Marketing. The seminar will not offer you any business if that is what you expect. This seminar is not connected to any existing enterprises out there. What can you get from this then? You will be tested here if you are even capable of starting a business. You may have plans and ideas about the business that you will about to venture but the question is, are you ready? If you want to find out if you are ready or not, this seminar is a perfect venue for you. This will give you a heads up on what are the things you need to learn and improve to yourself before you can even pull up your sleeves to start your business.

This seminar will also give you step by step idea on how to start and manage your business. It may sound complicated but if you will attend, you can finally choose and decide the path that you are going to take towards getting into your ultimate goal.

Who is the speaker?

The Entrep Champ Mr. Paulo Tibig

The one and only Entrep Champ of the Philippines, Mr. Paulo Tibig. If you watch business news and maybe check random videos about business seminars, his name will most probably come out. Let's check more about his profile:

Paulo Tibig
Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author and Entrepreneurship advocate

One of the sought after professional speakers today, he earned the moniker of “THE ENTREP CHAMP” in the Entrepreneurship community because of his business savvy and wisdom.

Worked his way up the ladder of entrepreneurship and success. As graduate of B.S.Airline Business Administration, was a working student taking on not-so-popular jobs like utility, messenger and delivery man from his freshman year up to his senior year in college.

Worked in various companies as medical representative, marketing assistant, and market development assistant before he ventured into entrepreneurship.

He started several enterprises like t-shirt trading, nata de coco production, handmade paper production and laundry business before he was able to strike the proverbial “pot of gold” in the logistics business offering courier, freight, logistics marketing, food logistics,  third party logistics and other supply chain services to complete as total logistics solutions provider.

At present, he is also engaged in several business enterprises: a business retail center, a Gas company and a transport service company.

 In 2005, Paulo was awarded as one of the TOP TEN ENTREPRENEURS by Entrepreneur Philippines and the 2007 TEENPRENEUR CHALLENGE WINNING MENTOR of Entrepreneur School of Asia.

He is also a finalist for 2008 NOKIA MOBILE ENTREPRENEURS AWARDS.

In 2011, he was recognized as one of Balanga’s City “Dangal BalangueƱo”- a recognition for outstanding achievers who made mark in entrepreneurship. In 2013 he was awarded by Bataan National High School as Outstanding Alumni. 2014  Outstanding Alumni of PATTS College Aeronautics, and also in 2014 he was awarded by Asean Business Awards as Young Entrepreneur of the year.

Mr. Tibig is also active in various organizations. He is one of the Directors of the Freeport Area of Bataan, Board of Regent, Bataan Peninsula State University. An Honorary Member, Young Entrepreneurs Society (Worldwide).
He is also a Go Negosyo Angelpreneur, Past President of the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI). And lastly, Past President of Bataan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BACCII).

He has been invited to several universities, trade organizations, corporate seminars and other related business and entrepreneurship forums all over the country to share, inspire, motivate and talk about entrepreneurship.

You can often see him guestings or featured in several TV, Radio programs and various national dailies and publications.

Mr Tibig has been featured in books such as “Introduction to Entrepreneurship” published in 2007 and Entrepreneur Philippines 67 Success Stories in its December 2008 issue.

A cover feature of the following publications: Masigasig Magazine and Express Life Commuter express newspaper.

In 2010, he was one of the Endorsers in print and television Ad of Globe Business Negostar. 

An author of the best selling book entitled “Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur”. A book that gives you 10 guidelines for your entrepreneurial journey towards success. This book presents experiential, engaging & educational  perspectives on negosyo for aspiring, starting, and existing entrepreneurs.

Lastly, Mr. Tibig conducts experiential, engaging and educational talk on topics such as – Entrepreneurship, Franchising & Logistics.


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