Did Philippine DOH Plagiarize F(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" KPOP Song for an Anti Teen Pregnancy Campaign?

GABO stands for "Gaga Girl" (Bitch Girl) and Bobo Boy(Stupid Boy)
As an effort of Philippine Government to spread awareness and anti teen pregnancy campaign to the Filipino people, an ad of a DOH (Department of Health) public service reminder has been released for public viewing in  Social Media Networking websites. A supposed to be entertaining and friendly reminder turns out to be a cringing ad. Since when did they allow to use the word "Gaga"(Bitch) in a public campaign, let alone a government public campaign? I couldn't even use that word because I know it's a negative word. And I guess "Bobo"(Stupid) is not a good term too since it is such a degrading word. The campaign talks about teen pregnancy, pre-marital sex and young relationship.

A more than 3 minute video features a pep squad dancing to the upbeat tune to reach out to the teens. We all know that teens like to listen to upbeat music and cheerleading is indeed a good way to get their attention. However, the beat of the song did not slip through the ears of the K-pop fanatics in the Philippines because it was identified to be a rip off of a Korean girl group f(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum song.  Although the message of the songs are completely different, the beat and the rhythm are very similar.

K-pop is growing in the Philippines and it influences  even the Original Philippine Music and the taste of the Filipino youth in terms of music. Eventhough they could not understand the lyrics of a Korean song, Filipinos are adapting the Korean music because of its unique beat and the artists behind the song. Any attempt to copy the rhythm of any Kpop song will surely be identified by the Filipino fans and this DOH Anti Teen Pregnancy campaign is not an exemption.

Be the judge if the  DOH Anti Teen Pregnancy campaign plagiarized F(x)'s
Rum Pum Pum Pum.

Here is the music video of F(x)'s Rum Pum Pum Pum:

And here is the video of DOH's Anti Teen Pregnancy campaign:


  1. yikes! 3 minutes of my time wasted.. LOL

    seriously, this is not the kind of ads that works on teenagers..they should focus more on sex education rather than trashy ads.

  2. same na same nga!! bakit kaya naisipan ng DOH mangopya ng KPOP SONG? lalu na sa SM ENT. pa sila NANGGAYA?.. anu kaya mangyayari sa susunod? disappointed ako dahil nanggaya pa ng song ang DOH!!

  3. the intention is okay, but the execution is just unacceptable. seriously? calling teens bobo boy and gaga girl? Sinong makikinig diyan?

    And, that plagiarism, seriously? Di na ba tayo matututo?

  4. I agree with Marie! Intention is great but the way of delivering the "message" is a bit wrong. Time and money wasted. Gov agencies should consult someone who knows and understand well the word of advertising/public service announcements.

  5. It takes more than copying and elevating this DOH video...a negative one. They should select a positive one for Pinoy people.

  6. Ah, What a waste of time and people's money. Ang ganda ng intention but how it was translated to action was so wrong.

  7. I does look similar. I'm not comfortable with the presentation. I think it still better to go old school classroom discussion on this or better yet to have them report on situational cases.

  8. Hmmm, I only heard about this through my Mom, she was able to watch the ad. Yes, I also agree with Ms. Phylicia, good intention naman pero kinulang sa execution. Mas gusto ko yung tvc dati, yung batang kumakanta- saying somethin' like " sabi nyo mahal nyo ako, pero bakit hindi kayo nag-plano..."


  9. Negative. Wrong move. Hindi ko nakita ang positivity. Wait, I actually did but not that much.


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