DMZ Tour Part 4: Visiting Dorasan Station

In front of Dorasan Station

After our enjoyable stay at Imjingak, the exciting trip to The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel and the memorable moments at the Dorasan Observatory, our shuttle bus took us to the Dorasan Station, this is the 3rd place we visited for our DMZ tour.

Dorasan Station is just like any other train stations in Korea. However, what makes this station special is that it symbolizes the hope of South Korea for the unification with North Korea. Despite the fact that both parties are not willing to give up their prejudices, South Korea is still looking forward to a day where they will become one with North Korea.

While the unification is not yet happening until today, the station is open for trains bound to Seoul. This is to give convenience for those who want to take a trip to the untouched natural environment of DMZ.

A non operational line to Pyeongyang at Dorasan Station

Aside from opening it's line for trains from Seoul, Dorasan station also operates a small souvenir shop which sells some products of North Korea. You can also buy some DMZ tour memorabilias from the shop like t-shirts and hats.

DMZ souvenir shop

There's also an exhibit in this part o the station so that visitors will have something to check out while they are on tour.

Photo exhibit at Dorasan Station

I am not Korean but I am sincerely looking forward that this station will become fully operational. I would love to go to Pyeongyang if that will happen and Dorasan Station will always be the symbol of that hope.


  1. The DMZ Souvenir Shop sells some awesome things, like this delicious BC 800 Coffee & Tea choco pie. Hard for me to find this anywhere.


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