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Study And Learn New Skills While Working in Korea FOR FREE

A group of Filipino migrants learning CNC Programming

Here’s the routine of a typical student in Korea:

Usually, students get up at around 6:30 in the morning. At 8:00 AM, they should be in school until 4 PM, the usual school days, you know. Then they go home and eat dinner. But the day is not over yet. At around 6pm, a student will go to their second shift of schooling. Yes, there’s a second shift! They usually go to private centers or they call it “Hagwon” to learn more. They learn Taekwondo, music, swimming, English and anything in the world they think they need to learn, they spend extra hours and extra money to enroll. Usually, they end up at around 9 pm. Then they go home and spend another 2 hours to do self study for the next day’s lesson.

This routine shows how big deal is the education in Korea. They value it because they believe this will play a vital role in achieving their dreams in life. No wonder why there are a lot of Hagwons in Korea. School for them is not enough, there should be some centers where they can enroll and learn more.
Luckily, these centers meant to educate young people in Korea are not only exclusive for them. The Government of South Korea is kind enough to open training centers and migrant centers that would let foreign workers study more and learn new skills, FOR FREE. I have to emphasize that one. The government of Korea will pay for your training fee for as long as you commit to attend the classes.
What can you get out of this?

Well, obviously, you gain new knowledge and skills. Of course, when you finish the classes, you will get a certificate issued by the Korean government. And you meet new people and make new friends. I am sure there are still a lot of benefits when you enroll to these training programs. Anyway, it’s for FREE, so there’s no harm in trying right?

Usually, classes designed for foreign workers are scheduled every Sunday so that it will not interrupt your working schedule. If you are free on Sunday, why not enroll yourself to the different courses these training centers offer?

You don’t know how to enroll?

The first thing you should do is to find a training center near you that offers free courses to the foreign workers. I have so far attended different courses from three different centers and I am going to share here how to contact these centers and check the courses they offer.

1. 4th Generation Academy

Vietnamese and Filipino students of Korean Language class at 4th Generation Academy

The first training center I have ever attended is the 4th generation Academy located in Gangnam. Technically, this academy helps foreign workers to achieve certification in different computer courses and skills such as PC repair, Networking, etc. But I enrolled in their Korean language class because I want to learn how to speak Korean. Plus the computer courses were not available that time yet.
For those who want to enroll in this academy, it is located at Gangnam in Seoul, it is about 20 meters away from the exit 1 of Hanti Station. Click THIS LINK to inquire.

4th Generation Academy also offers Free lunch and snack for an 8 hour class every Sunday.

2. Yangcheon Global Migrant Center

Awarding of certificate for completion of course at YGMC

I obtained my certificate in Photograpy and Korean Language in this center. I also enrolled in other courses like HTML programming and Barista but I failed to finish the courses. Most of the students in this migrant center are Filipino workers, so if you are a Filipino, this is perfect for you. What is good about YGMC is that they offer variety of courses and you can take up to 4 courses every Sunday. YGMC is about 100 meters away from the exit 5 of Omokyo Station.

To know more about YGMC and the courses they offer, go to the YGMC FACEBOOK PAGE and inquire.

YGMC also offers Free Medical check up once a month.

3. KPTII & Ssangyong

Graduation ceremony of CNC programming course at Ssangyong

The latest certificate I obtained was for CNC programming courtesy of KPTII and Ssangyong located in Incheon. Like YGMC, they also offer diverse courses like automotive, heavy equipments, CNC programming and more.

If you are in the Incheon area or near, you can join the KPTII & Ssangyong Facebook page and get information about the latest course offering.

KPTII & Ssangyong also offers FREE LUNCH AND SNACK and a refund for fare if you have completed the course.

There are a lot of training centers like these in South Korea for foreign workers. I could not just list all because I don’t have information about the others. If you know a training center that offers courses to foreign workers, feel free to let me know so I can include in this list.

If you are free during Sundays, why not enroll yourself. It’s always fun to learn and it’s a good investment.


  1. Thanks for this info. :) But I'm curious if there is any Saturday classes? It would be a blessing!

    1. Hi, most of the free training centers open every Sunday because most people work on a Saturday. I think YGMC has Saturdy classes or even weekdays classes for migrants. You can ask them.

  2. Hi..meron po ba ganyang training here in busan area?TIA

    1. meron po, the problem is I don't know kung anong mga migrant centers nag oofer nito sa busan

  3. Meron po ba nyan dito sa jeju island?

    1. Meron yan sir. But i guess you need to ask kasi for sure may mga migrant centers din naman dyan siguro

  4. Is this limited to migrant workers po? pwede din po ba mag-apply yong visa holder other than E9?

    1. Sa YGMC pwede po. As long as you are migrant,not necessarily a worker, you can enroll there.

  5. Hello po, meron po ba dito sa pocheon nag.ooffer kahit anong free schooling maam?

    1. I am not sure sa pocheon pero pwede ka naman po mag travel to the locations of these centers po.

  6. Ano po ba ang ibang courses na offered sa YGMC..
    malapit lang ako jn ksi dto sa sinjeong ako

    1. meron po cooking, graphic design, photography. better like na lang po ninyo yong fb page nila.. nakalagay naman po ang link

  7. Hello. Alin sa mga skills na natutunan niyo sa korea ang palagay nyo na magagamit niyo sa work? syempre bukod sa korean language. Yung programming ba?