Most Filipinos In South Korea Support Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for President

Election day in the Philippines is fast approaching. Even the Filipinos abroad have a say in choosing the right leader in the country via the overseas absentee voting. That is why election is such a hot topic nowadays especially here in Korea where there’s always a big chance to meet a fellow Filipino at random places. Politics is always one of the meatiest topics in the conversation and it always boils down to the question of who should we vote for the next President of the Philippines.

I don’t need to conduct a survey to know who among our Presidentiables is favored by the Filipinos in South Korea. Judging from what the people are doing here to campaign this candidate and from random conversation I had with some kababayan here, if there’s an election right now, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will surely win the votes of Filipinos in South Korea.

Campaigning for Duterte at random place in South Korea

I am new to being an Overseas worker so I didn’t know what exactly Filipinos abroad are usually doing during campaign period. But if I may say, Filipinos in South Korea are more than passionate for campaigning for Duterte. They showed their support even before he decided to run for President. You can see the banners and other campaign paraphernalia that have been created using their own money to show that Filipinos in South Korea are united for Duterte.

Campaigning for Duterte at random Filipino events in South Korea
(c) Jojo Calamaan

At any random Filipino meet ups and events, you can spot avid supporters of Duterte campaigning for him. Some are subtle in their way of support by pointing out what Duterte have so far done to Davao City.

Like most of the people, the Filipinos in South Korea are desperate for a change. It is our desire to go home, stay with our respective family in the Philippines and live a happy and contented life in our own country. But with the issue of corruption in the government , lack of jobs and security, we have no choice but to work in other country. As much as we believe that the fate of Philippines does not fully rely on its President, whoever will win in the election will definitely play a vital role in the change that we always wanted. The change that will bring us back home without any uncertainties. The change that will give us hope for a better country. The change that we think only Duterte can spearhead.

To those who are taking extra effort to campaign for Duterte, shelling personal money to pay for those campaign paraphernalia and reaching out to every Filipino voters in South Korea, I salute you because you are definitely doing your part for achieving that change that we want.

I guess Duterte’s promise of “Tunay na Pagbabago” (real change) gives us a beaming hope of a beautiful future for Philippines.