5 Quirky Habits in Public of Young Korean Couples

Public Display of Affection or PDA!!! I seem to have forgotten how it looks like because here in South Korea, rarely you could ever see young couple doing PDA. If you have been watching Korean dramas and find Korean lovers cute, adorable and likeable, well, forget about it. In reality, Korean couples are just like any ordinary couples in the world. I don’t mean that Koreans are not sweet to their lovers; it’s just that they are not really into intimate touching when in public.

In South Korea, boys and girls are generally touchy-feely to their friends, but that’s just it, sometimes it’s hard to identify if a girl and a boy holding hands while walking are just friends or dating because they touch, I mean they mingle with their boyfriends/girlfriends in the same way they mingle with their “just friends”.  I think I have stayed quite long enough here in Korea to identify if two people are dating or just talking. Well, here are some of the quirky habits I observed among young Korean couples. If you see them doing this, then they are definitely dating.

1. Wearing Couple Shirt

The best way to identify if they are couple or not is if they are wearing a couple shirt. It’s a no brainer. Apparently, here in Korea, couples are really into this kind of trend. They feel they belong to each other if they wear the same color, the same design and the same brand of shirt or sweatshirt or whatever.

2. The Goodbye Scene in the bus

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Posted by Koreaboo on Friday, 19 September 2014

I’ve seen it not once, not twice, not thrice, but soooooo many times. I think I’ve seen it in actual more than in movie scenes because it definitely is like a movie scene. This is how it looks like:

So, a guy or a girl must take a bus to go home, he or she must leave the partner but partner will not go unless the bus will go. Partner will look over the window to the partner patiently standing and waiting for the bus to go. They will both wave their hands to each other as if they will never see again. Oftentimes, the guy will call a girl and they will talk while waving goodbye. Sometimes, they will give each other a flying kiss or a sweet smile.

And I always cringe, like they’ve not been together for the whole day and like there’s no tomorrow…. Oh love, young love…

3. The awkward public hug

Hugging is common for couples anywhere in the world, and when you see a girl and a guy hugging each other in public while waiting for the bus or whatever, then they are dating, except that Koreans hug in an awkward way. I mean, you call that a hug? What is it this? A Korean drama?

4. Sweet selfie/selca

Selfie is one thing but sweet selfie is another thing. In Korea, they call this selca, and if two people pouting their lips towards each other while taking a selfie, then they are couple. Why would you do a kiss gesture to somebody in a selfie if they are just your friend, right? Korean couples are extra sweet to each other when taking selfie, you know, for documentation purposes.

5. Holding Hands while talking

I guess the most romantic gesture of Koreans is holding hands. They are very much into it, even to the same sex or even to the friends, they can hold hands of other people without malice. So how to spot if two people holding hands are couple and not just friends? Well, if they are not simply holding hands while walking, they talk while looking at each other’s eyes, then that’s something beyond friendship.

I guess I’ll stop right there. I think there are more, but I just don’t know about it yet. For what it’s worth, the most important thing here is there is love in between couples. Koreans maybe express it in some odd ways but as long as there are two less lonely people in the world, then it’s fine.
Oh wait, isn’t that a song?