2016 Cherry Blossom Forecast in Korea

Cherry Blossom at Kynghee University

I am making it a tradition every year to post a forecast of the cherry blossom in this blog because 1.) To remind everybody that winter is almost over, 2.) To inform travelers of the best time to go to Korea during Spring time, and 3.) I just love cherry blossom.

Of all the spring flowers in Korea, Cherry blossom is my favorite one because everybody anticipates its blooming every year. It is the kind of flower that only blooms in several days (not even a week), that is why for me, it’s rare and important. I guess I am not alone that gets excited for the cherry blossom. If you are one of Sakura’s fans, check this map with the corresponding dates of blooming of the cherry blossom. This is courtesy of VisitKorea website.

2016 Cherry Blossom Forecast by VisitKorea


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