The Romantic Million-Rose Garden in Bucheon (백만송이장미원)

Million-Rose Garden (백만송이장미원)

Tired of Spring Flowers already?

Then don’t, not just yet, because in South Korea, the later part of Spring season is saved for the flower which we often used to express LOVE, I am talking about the ROSES. From middle of May to late June, there are various Rose festivals all over South Korea. So if you are into roses, you will definitely love this part of the year.

Obviously, I can’t visit all and I can’t discuss all events related to roses. What I am going to share to you is about the Baekmansongijangmiwon(백만송이장미원) or better known as Million Rose Garden in Bucheon. It’s a garden full of….. well, guess what, ROSES!!!...of different varieties and species and colors and whatnot.

Different Kinds of roses planted at the Million Rose Garden

The garden is filled with sweet fragrance of the flower. But don’t get too secured because bees are all over the area too. But don’t worry, unless you deprive them of their right to suck the nectars, they will mind their own business. If you are not contented with just smelling the awesomeness of the roses, you can actually touch them, just be careful with the thorns though.

I have to be brutally honest that I’ve never seen a collection of roses as big as in the Million-Rose garden before. It was my first time to see them in colors purple, yellow and orange. Yes, I only know Red and White, but other colors aside from that are totally strangers to me.

Pink, red, yellow and orange roses

I also like the idea of them putting some steel framework in the garden to grow rose vines. The steel framework is formed in various shapes like arc tunnel, different kind of animals and more. Children definitely love to see these shapes decorated by rose vines.

Rose Vines in steel framework

Above all, what makes this place unique to visit is that there’s an ambiance of romance. If you are with your special someone, you would want to belt out that Bon Jovi song, that’s how romantic it is at this garden. But don’t do that, I am just exaggerating anyway. So yeah, it’s an ideal place to take somebody you love because the smell, the colors and the general ambiance will make you feel the love for your sweetheart. I mean, you are in the bed of roses, it’s obviously a lovely place for the lovers.

This place ain’t only for the lovers. Kids will like this because there are a lot of kiddie attractions in the area. Rose vines formed in different kind of animals will surely entertain them. This is also for the whole family, for group of friend or even for the whole community. This garden is made for Fun and for Love, since everybody can have fun and can love, then everybody is welcome to this garden.

Entrance to the garden is absolutely free. To go there, take Subway Line Number 7 and get off at Chunui Station. Go to Exit number 7 and take bus 661, get off at Baengmansongijangmiwon (Million-rose Garden).