Your Ultimate One Day Itinerary Guide to Yangpyeong

The Yangpyeong County
Photo Credit to Arman Carinan

Who wants to go to Yangpyeong?!?!?!?

And you be like…. What Yangpyeong?

Don’t worry, if you feel like lost and clueless at the mention of Yangpyeong, you are not alone. Unlike Seoul, Gapyeong and other cities in Korea, Yangpyeong is some kind of not really famous at least for the tourists. What we foreigners in Korea really don’t know is, there are places in Yangpyeong that you might be interested to visit.

Yangpyeong is actually a county in Gyeonggi Province. Not all of us know about this but this place played a significant role in the South and North Korean war because this was used to be a battlefield during that war. The good thing about this place is, it is only about one hour away from Seoul if you ride by train.

But what exactly can we do at Yangpyeong? Well, for a start, there are a lot. And with a lot I meant events, places and experiences. You can do paragliding, attend strawberry festival or visit Dumulmeori where the Bukhangang River and Namhangang river meet. However, what I am going to share to you is something you can do at this place in just one day. Of course obviously, you can’t do all the things I mentioned earlier because you just can’t do it in one day. This itinerary is for those who can only go to a day trip at a very minimal cost. This one day trip covers a visit to one of the most interesting cafes in South Korea, the Dreamy Camera Café, tour the Yangpyeong English Village and lastly, experience Railbiking.

Time: 10:00 AM to 11 AM

Activity: Travel from Seoul To Yangpyeong

First and foremost, you must plan how to go to Yangpyeong. Well, there are a lot of ways, but for the convenience of the travelers and tourists out there, I guess the easiest way is via the train. You may look at the Seoul Subway map and find the station called Yongmun Station. That’s where you should get off. It’s the last station of GyeonguiJongang Line. If you are coming from Seoul, it would take at least an hour to go there. If you are coming from other cities, then you may need to adjust the timeframe of this activity.

Cost: Fare- 2350 Won


Time: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Activity: Visit Dreamy Camera Café

Dreamy Camera Café is just near the Yongmun Station, but I made it a 30 minute timeframe so that you can adjust in case there’s a delay in your trip to Yongmun Station. From Yongmun Station, go to the Exit 1 and take a bus, but I don’t recommend a bus because it’s a 2 hour interval, it would cost you too much time. What I recommend is to take a taxi to “중원리 꿈꾸는사진기” , you can just show that to the taxi driver and they know where to take you.

Cost: Taxi Fare- 10,000 won


Time: 11:30 – 1:30 PM

Activity: At the Dreamy Camera Café (“중원리 꿈꾸는사진기”)

Dreamy Camera Cafe

Have you seen a café in a shape of Rollieflex Camera? Apparently, this camera café is a star in Yangpyeong because aside from the fact that it’s in an outskirt of the city, people especially the foreigners still go there to chill, relax and enjoy the view. If you want to know more about this café, CLICK HERE to read our visit at Dreamy Camera Café. You can also check out the Dream Camera Café Facebook page if you have some enquiries or if you want to reserve ahead of time. The cafe is closed every Sunday and Monday.

Cost: For food, beverages or souvenirs(optional)- around 15,000 won


Time: 1:30 – 2:00 PM

Acitivity: Travel to Yangpyeong English Village (양병영어마을)

Your next stop is at Yangpyeong English Village. It’s just near the camera café. To go there from the Dreamy Camera Café, you can ask help from the owner of the café to call a taxi for you that would take you to the village.

Cost: Taxi Fare- 5,000 Won


Time: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Activity: Tour Yangpyeong English Village

Yangpyeong English Village

Famous as a shooting location of a Korean Drama series Boys Over Flower, Yangpyeong English Village will take you to another dimension. It’s an educational institution that has buildings, structures and ambiance like that of a British Country. The purpose of this village is to provide an English speaking environment to Korean students. While they do their classes and activities, people can just go to the village and tour because it’s interesting and it could pass as a tourist spot. You can CLICK HERE to read what you can expect about this village

Cost: 0 Won 

Time: 3:30 to 3:45 PM

Activity: Travel to Yangpyeong Railbike

The railbiking at Yangpyeong is very near the English Village, but to avoid to get lost, you can call a taxi to bring you there.

Cost: Taxi Fare: 3,000 won


Time: 3:45 to 6:00 PM

Activity: Railbiking

Yangpyeong Railbike

At Yangpyeong Railbike site, you can see magnificent view of Yangpyeong as you go biking along the old and abandoned railway. It’s a 6.4 km railway where you can bike and enjoy the experience. CLICK HERE to read what happened during our rail bike experience at Yangpyeong.

Cost: Bike rental depends on the type of bike- 25,000 won for couple (2 persons) and 32,000 won for group (4 persons)

Time: 6:00 to 6:30 PM

Acitvity: Walk from railbike site to Yongmun Station

Yes, it’s just a walking distance so you don’t need to call a taxi from there.

Cost: 0 won


Time: 6:30 PM
Activity: Homeward Bound


Three places in one day!!! Not bad right? If you are going to total the cost, you can spend I think from 50,000 won up to 70, 000 won. It’s a very affordable and cheap trip in exchange of a memorable and priceless experience.

Now go, put that phone away, pack up and go to Yangpyeong!!!


  1. thanks sir..after reading this blog of yours.. i planned to go there tomorrow morning..������

    1. oh wow. go ahead, nothing to lose. Just avoid going there on a Monday or Sunday because Camera Cafe is closed during that days.


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