Exploring A Sex Theme Park in Jeju Island called LOVELAND Museum

Entrance to Jeju Loveland Museum

DISCLAIMER: Photos and words used in this article are NSFW. For adults only! No pun intended.

Jeju Island is famous for its beaches and scenic landscape, but if you want to visit something unique and quirky place in Jeju, no doubt that I would suggest this theme park called LOVELAND. At first, I have the slightest idea about Loveland, I know it’s a sculpture theme park where it displays some sculptures which suggests sensuality and eroticism. However, when our tour guide explained a little bit about Jeju Loveland while on our way to the park, it aroused me…… I mean, my interest as a tourist.

The Urinals at the entrance of Loveland Museum

Apparently, this theme park was built way back 2004 by the graduates of Hongik University. The reason why they created this park was to help educate newly married couples. Since Jeju Island is a primary destination for honeymooners, the genius students of Hongik University created a total of 140 sculptures to help the couple warm up a little bit and learn something out of the sculptures displayed in the park. Supposedly, the theme park should expose the visitors into the world of sex. This will help couples, especially those marriages who were arranged by parents, to become comfortable with each other when it comes to sex.

A sculpture of a penis boat

I have images running on my mind while our tour guide explained about the Loveland, but I still believe that Korea is a conservative country where the topic of sex is a taboo, so I did not expect that much. However, when we entered the Loveland park, Lo and Behold!!!!  I was so speechless. Sculptures of male sex organs are standing everywhere, there’s a woman lying erotically in one part of the park and there’s a sculpture of female sex organ just waiting to be explored by anybody, it was indeed the most interesting tour I think I’ve ever did in South Korea.

Some random sculptures you can see inside the park

But that was just in the entrance part, as we go deeper into the colorful park, everything became a head turner. The park has different parts showcasing different activities and themes relating to sex. I sighed a little bit because for me, the name LOVELAND is an understatement, I guess it’s just a subtle way of calling it PORNLAND because believe me or not, it’s a porn park.

Greek Mythology goes erotic

I think what I like most is the part where it depicts different sexual culture. It shows the different types of lovemaking from different countries like Japan, Greece, etc. It’s not as visual as other sculptures in the park but I like it because it shows that sex is not just all about the carnal pleasure of human but it also involves feeling and romance. It also shows how lovemaking differs from each country and how the culture, beliefs and traditions played a vital role in this sacred activity.

Some of the many sculptures at LOVELAND
The whole area is quite big, so people can literally just walk in the park while enjoying (or not) the sculptures all over the area. There’s a part where it shows ahjussis having sex with young ladies in different positions and different manner. There’s also a part where ahjummas are slaving and forcing young skinny men to satisfy their sexual desires and I don’t like it, just imagine the horror of being forced by fat ahjummas to make love with them. Ugh.

One of the ugly sculptures in the park

Unfortunately, during the half part of our tour at Loveland, the rain poured, good thing they also have indoor museum inside the park. We went to check what’s inside the museum, there were collections of videos about sex education, different dioramas of sex activities at home, sculptures of different sizes and shapes of penis and whatnot. There are also sex toys and some things on sale to enhance sexual activity with your partner.

Sculpture of naked ladies at the roof of an indoor museum
I don’t want to discredit Loveland though because of this. Although for me, the visuals are too much, the purpose is clear, to introduce sex to the visitors. Did I learn something from it? Maybe YES. Although I was more on “Ugh” than “Aahhhh”, I can’t deny that I learned something from the tour. It was interesting and way more than I expected. The rain killed the excitement though. Just when my interest started to arouse, it pours so hard that we had to withdraw ourselves out of the park before we get too wet. It was a quickie visit but all in all, I was satisfied with what I saw. Despite the rain, we reached the climax of the tour. When you’re in Jeju Island, go visit Loveland Museum and I will assure you, your hands will get busy afterwards (clicking camera buttons for photos).


  1. My friend from Daegu also visited Loveland during his visit to Jeju for Chuseok weekend. I saw his snaps and WOW, so unexpected for such a conservative culture like Korea, huh?! I also get the point but wonder if Koreans would find the museum to be way too over the top. I wonder if the shock value takes away from trying to educate Koreans about the normalcy of sex. Having said that, when I do visit Jeju, I plan to check out this place!

  2. Interesting write-up and very unexpected considering how conservative (some) Koreans might be. I'd love to visit though; never been to such a park.

  3. LOL I was there recently, too. I'm waffling as to whether or not I should post the photos. They're rather risque! We climbed on some of the statues (as suggested). The dudes got way more into it. Hysterical!!

  4. Best Line: "we reached the climax of the tour." LOL!

  5. Your writing style, I like it! Yeah I'm from the Netherlands and sex to us is just as normal as brushing your teeth so this doesn't shock me at all. Koreans do go for the shock value I guess. I had a friend of my wife over once and she wanted to go to the sex museum in Amsterdam. I found it really boring, but she was just shocked all the time.

  6. I'm so glad you added the reason behind of its creation because so many other bloggers who've posted on the topic always forget that it was an educational incentive and you know how much Koreans love their educational system! The shock value though comes from how taboo of a topic sex remains in this conservative country. And all the puns in the last paragraph hahaha... good one ;)

  7. I dont know about it. Ive heard anout this before, but a place I'd never actually visit. The older men forcing thenselves on young is just as bad as the old ahjummas forcing the young men too.

  8. Wow, this was unexpected. First, I love your writing style ;). Second, I didn't know this place existed. A little different from Everland, eh. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Haha Puns intended? - "Just when my interest started to arouse, it pours so hard that we had to withdraw ourselves out of the park before we get too wet. It was a quickie visit.." I had no idea that students were the origins of this park, I must say that I'm impressed now that I know this fact and have visited LOVE land in the past.


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