11-11 is Korea's Pepero (빼빼로) Day

It's November again and this is the time of the year when the Korean cookie stick called Pepero(빼빼로) are everywhere. If you think this is some kind of a cookie stick apocalypse, well, not really. Blame it on the 11-11 date.  Usually during this day, you can see a pile of pepero boxes decorated with ribbons in the form of heart. There are also flowers and chocolates and other elements that represent love. You can’t deny it, love is in the air every November 11 in Korea. I think Koreans are enjoying it because people are buying the pepero boxes so that they have something to give to somebody on the special day. After all, a small box of pepero costs only 980 Korean won, it’s pretty cheap.

The Pepero day is considered to be a love day in Korea, this is on top of White day and Valentines day. Like any other countries, Korea celebrates Valentines day every February 14, during this day, the girls will give gifts to the boys as a sign of love and appreciation. In return, the boys will also give gifts to the girls during the White day which is celebrated every 14th of March. Pepero day is just like Valentines day and White day, they celebrate and commemorate LOVE in Korea every November 11 of the year by giving or exchanging sweets to friends and special someone. And if you are wondering why they are celebrating every November 11, it is because the date 11-11 resembles to the Pepero stick.

According to the legend, the Pepero has actually nothing to do with love or showing affections to loved ones. Rumor has it that the event started when two female middle school students exchanged Pepero stick on November 11 to wish to each other that they will both become tall and thin just like the cookie stick. As time goes by, exchanging of pepero does not necessarily mean you wish somebody to become tall and thin. Nowadays, it means showing affection to somebody. Whether to a friend, to a crush, to parents or simply co-workers, pepero symbolizes your appreciation to the recipient.

As for me, we should celebrate LOVE everyday. We should express it not only during valentines day or white day or let alone Pepero day. It is the only language that everybody could understand. However, joining the bandwagon will not hurt. I have seen a lot of people buying boxes of Pepero, and I guess it would be fun to join the crowd. Whether it’s a fad or a legit occasion, if you feel like celebrating the Pepero day, go on, it's a fun thing to do.