Outstanding Pictures of SUPERMOON as Seen From South Korea

The SUPERMOON which appeared yesterday has been the talk of the town and in the social media. Everybody is making a BIG deal about it because this is a rare event on planet earth. Supermoon is the same moon that appears every night in the sky, except that at this particular moment of time, the moon is closer to earth. If the moon is closer to earth, it is 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than the usual moon we see everyday. The reason why everybody suddenly turns into sky gazers is because Supermoon appears rare in a lifetime. Last night's Supermoon was one of the closest distance between the moon and earth, the last time this happened was in year 1948. So if you missed it like I do, we could not probably see the same phenomenon any time soon.

However, there's technology and digital camera, and there are good photographers who were able to capture the photo of Supermoon. If you missed it and if you like to see it again, I will share the photos with the permission of the photographers here.

This one was taken by Ms. Lois Patol in Suwon. She said it was cloudy that night and there's no way to take a good photo of the moon. She waited for one hour until the sky became clearer and she never wasted  single time to take a good shot of the Supermoon. It's still autumn here in Korea, therefore she included the fall foliage silhouetting their pretty pointed leaves against the bright moon in the sky. 

Photographer Mherl Mharl Teano Jara suddenly became poetic after he captured the beautiful moon with his camera. God knows how long he waited to get a good shot of the moon. He started at 8 pm, but because the sky was cloudy, it's almost impossible to see the moon that night at Cheongna area of South Korea. He was determined to see the moon, he obviously could not stand by outside looking up the sky because it was too cold last night, probably a close to zero temperature, but what he did was, he checked once in a while if the moon has appeared. Luckily, at around 11:50, the moon peeked for him and this is what he got!

This is another interesting photo captured by Rey Zamora at Siheung around 7:50. The night was young and the sky is clear, he braved through the cold weather and finally captured a simple but detailed image of the moon.

Photographer Allan Lafuente took this photo in Incheon City. With an ISO of 3100, Aperture of f/8 and shutter speed of 1/60 sec @200 mm (Image area DX), he was able to come up with this 3D-ish image of the supermoon.

Another photographer from Incheon City took a photo of the Supermoon in a different set up. It was too cloudy at Incheon city that night, so he decided to include other elements like this leafless tree because Fall Season is coming. He said that this is a ghostly shadow of the Supermoon.

So there you go, despite the cloudy, dark and cold night, they still managed to capture the Supermoon for our memory's sake. Hopefully another Supermoon will happen soon, that time with a good weather and a clear sky because looking at the moon at the closest possible distance is an opportunity we should not miss.