Philippine Lanterns Shine Bright at Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제) 2016

The annual celebration of lantern festival in Seoul, South Korea has finally ended for this year 2016. It was a month long display of bright and colorful lanterns at Cheonggyecheon Stream. Every year, the Seoul Lantern Festival opens every first Friday of the Month of November and ends on the third Sunday of the same month. There were various displays of eye enticing lanterns from the Cheonggyecheon Plaza all the way up to the Supyo Bridge. It took me one hour to check out all the lanterns in the 1.2 km stream and it was indeed an epic sight to look at.

The theme for this year’s Seoul Lantern Festival was “Lightened Hangang River Where History Flows”. It’s a homage to the infamous Hangang River, or “Large River”, which is considered to be the lifeline of Seoul . The lanterns they exhibited were all about the historical, cultural and the stories surrounding the Han River.

There were displays of lanterns about Seoul’s surrounding areas in the past and during the Neolithic ages. The lanterns served as the life size dioramas of what Seoul looks like in the past and how people lived during the pre historic era.

Some interesting stories, legends, beliefs and folklores from the past were also featured in the exhibit. So basically, it’s all about telling the history of Seoul and the Han River in the guise of fabulous lanterns and colorful lights.

Aside from that, there were lanterns from some parts of the world too. I saw one from Japan, from China and of course, from the Philippines. The Philippine proudly showcased its colorful Parol shining brightly on top of colorful lanterns. People were so amazed with the Philippine lanterns as it looked jolly and attractive.

There are also various activities at the Gwantonggyo Bridge and Gwanggyo Bridge Gallery. The hands on activities included were floating of wishing lanterns, writing of wishes at the Hanji, and a lot more. There were booths in the area where people can buy the materials needed to participate in the event.

If you wish to experience Seoul lantern Festival next year, make sure you visit Seoul in the month of November.


  1. It looks so beautiful! Is this festival held in everyday? How about the opening hours? I want to see this festival next year. I hope so:))

    1. Hi DWi, unfortunately, it has ended last Sunday. It is only happening during the month of November in Korea.

    2. Umm, I mean is it held everyday during November? Or once or twice a week? And what's time it will be held?

    3. yes, it is open everyday. The lanterns are installed on the stream, so you can visit it any time of the day, but of course it is more beautiful at night time because of the lightings.

    4. Oh, okay. Thank you so much for your information. It's very helpful.

      Btw, what's your name? Maybe I will read your post often :D


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