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How to Check your Kukmin Contribution via NPS Kukmin App

The National Pension System (NPS) of Korea or KUKMIN (국민) is one of the benefits that some foreign workers can avail while working in South Korea. Once the tenure in this country is over, you can get the lump sum of your contribution and bring it home.

If you want to update or check your Kukmin contribution, there are a lot of ways to do so, but I guess the easiest way is to use the NPS Kukmin app which you can download freely. Just search for the App called NPS, the logo should look like this:

CHECKPOINT: You must have an online banking account to use this app. This app will require your Certificate Number for Online Banking to show your Kukmin record. If you don’t have Online bank account, you can’t use this app.

Provided that you have an online banking account, here’s how to use the app:

     1.       Open the NPS app
     2.       Tap 개인전자민원 (the big magnifying glass icon besides NPS icon)

     3.       Then tap 가입내역 주회

     4.       You will get the login page. Enter your Alien Card Number and click the green button to login.

     5.       The next page will show your Certificate Number for online banking, just click it an then enter your Certificate Password (provided by your bank when you applied for online banking)

   That’s it, you will now see your kukmin latest contribution.


  1. Are you serious? NPS doesn't need your bank certificate to check your contributions!
    You realize that you're giving someone your bank certificate with the password! You're giving them free access to all your money!
    Take this post down or I will report to the authorities and have it removed.

    1. Hello there. THanks for your concern. THis app is in the Google Playstore made available by the NPS. Even the NPS website is asking for bank certificate when you want to inquire from them. This is the instruction if you want to check web based.

    2. Even if you give out your password in NPS apps...to the fact that you did not give the numbers on that certificate....i think it will not be hacked...

  2. Is this legit? Worried about giving away my arc number as well as certificate password of online banking.thanks.

    1. Contacted nps about this app and yes, this is their official app. You can verify with them if you want to

  3. Some korean letters canot display

  4. please update for iphone users 2019.. thanks in advance

  5. Paano ko po makukuha ang insurance ko kasi eps ako dati tapos nagpa release ako hndi na ako nakahanap ng work hanggang hangang a expire na ung 3 months ko. At nakapag asawa nadin ako dto ng American.