Make Extraordinary Adventures with Trickeye Museum’s AR and VR Features

Our favorite art gallery in Hongdae is now more interactive and fun with its new features, the AR or augmented reality and the VR or Virtual Reality! My last visit at the Trickeye Museum was a fun and memorable one as we interacted with 2D paintings giving impressions that we were part of the artwork.

Last week, I visited Trickeye Museum again together with friends, and I was so surprised with the new elements they have added in the museum. It’s a whole new level of fun and adventures, yes, you read it right, an adventure at Trickeye Museum. Before, visitors can only take photos with 3D effects, now, people can make videos of the artwork with special effects. This is the first and only museum in the world with AR.

The entrance to the Trickeye with Lava and fire effects via AR

With the Augmented reality feature, I tried to escape the lava attack!

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Fought the fire breathing sea monster! The good thing about the app is that, it has embedded sound effects already, no matter how noisy the people around you, it will not be recorded because the default sound effect is that of the sound of the animation.

Saved a friend from the mouth of a big monster fish! Using a third party video editor, you can also add your own music background just like this one.

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Survived the attack of a giant snake!

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Enjoyed the fireworks!

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And the flying flowers!

And a lot more!!!

So how this augmented reality works?

Well, it’s easy, all you need to do is download the Trickeye app on your respective devices. Just search for the app called “TRICKEYE”, then download it, it’s an app with a red and white camera icon.

Once you opened the application, you must connect to the wifi to make it work. Don’t worry, the museum has a Free wifi for everybody, so you can just connect and use the app. All you need to do is to focus the trickeye app camera in front of any 2D paintings available in the museum, make sure that the AR mode is turned ON, and then wait for the effect to come out. You can turn ON/OF AR mode by touching AR:T button (located between "video" and "photo" button).

Forget about taking 2D photos, because with the Trickeye app, you can make cool and interactive video. You need to muster all the acting skills you have to react with the video effect to make it even more realistic.

If you are not comfortable with the videos, you can actually take photos with the effect, in the Trickeye app, you can switch between Photos and Videos, it’s all up to you really. If you want to know more about using the Trickeye App, you can CLICK HERE.

Not only that, another feature added was the VR or the Virtual Reality. In this part of the museum, you can ride a virtual roller coaster, sing your heart out at the virtual “The voice” stage with the Monster VR, explore the wilderness without leaving the vicinity of the museum, and get some adrenaline rush at the racing games.

The VR really attracts a lot of visitors especially the young people because people can get to experience a different level of fun brought by the virtual effects. To know more a about the virtual reality feature, you can CLICK HERE.

I don’t know what else can Trickeye Museum do in the future, but as for what I experienced during my visit, I guess the museum set a higher level of fun and excitement when it comes to optical and virtual illusions. So if you want to experience this yourself, go visit Trickeye Museum at Hongdae in Seoul. For complete direction on how to go to Trickeye Museum, CLICK HERE. And oh by the way, make sure your smart phone’s battery is full, bring extra batteries and/or power banks so you have an unlimited opportunity to record your adventures at Trickeye Museum.